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This world and America especially is seriously toxic, stressed out, and out of balance, and some think on the brink of collapse (as we know it currently). The average person today is overweight, dumbed down and in debt.  Children are born with over 200 chemical compounds in their blood before they take first breathe.  Current trends cannot continue, so change is eminent on all fronts.  There is way too much fear, dis and mis information in the media about health, energy and reality overall, so MHC is here to set the record straight on several fronts, from the ground up for the people (that should give a whoot).

Problem is the powers-that-be do not want that much change to come about, because that empowers US and cuts the powers-that-be out of the material and financial picture.  
•         How did BRAD MULLNER give away his rights to the state at birth and have to find freedoms cost?
•         Why live so isolated watching TV "programming" and not live alive in communities sharing a real life with each other?
•         Why pay for energy when you can make your own better?  Why is it 2014 and we still get average of maybe 20 MPG?
•         Why buy shelf food when you can grow your own or go direct from the sun and dirt? Why not aero or aqua-ponics? or shop for produce at farmers markets?
•         Why hire a doctor to prescribe lame drugs, burn you with radiation or cut something out of you need out of you?
•         Why do we work until May to pay taxes so government can let corporations rape the earth and poison the people on several fronts.
•         Why is military spending grossly unaccounted for and bloated still?
•         Why was cancer rates in 1900 1 in a 100, now cancer almost 1 in 2 in our life time?
•         Why are we so amused by gadgets, gizmos and greed while our rights, our resources and ourselves are being mismanaged by a corrupt core to control mankind?
•         Why is GMO still in America and banned elsewhere? Why so many birth infertilities?
•         Why is American government still in denial and cover up mode on ETs and UFOs?
•         Why have history books omitted so much sacred knowledge, and altered texts?

You have to ask yourself these questions >>> and STOP taking the blue pill, pick your head up and OUT of the slop feeding trough, come up for air and look around and change your perception, it might change your life forever.  For god sakes snap out of it man, for our kids sake.

But alas with all that said...Our dark old world ways are crumbling in the coming "conscious" light of this new age we find ourselves encountering signs of today.  People are hitting the snooze bar and rubbing sleepies out of their eyes, just waking UP to their potential and how to go about activating that within you.

MHC is here to usher the fruits of that white light wisdom and radiant marvelousness into your humble, laborious and practical lives right now. The multi-verse ( aka God) wants you to succeed in your best while here on this planet.  Follow suit toward order and not chaos and you will manifest destiny! Learn how to raise your vibration and attract the best into your life, while vastly improving your health in the process.


About the website: www.ModernHealthCoach.com

www.modernhealthcoach.com was mentally hatched in NYC and physically spawn in Los Angeles in 2009, now in the websites 7th year of operation and has the infrastructure in place to reach millions of people's hearts, minds, souls and cells for the a most unique uplifting experience.  www.modernhealthcoach.com currently boasts over 220 products, from 20 PRODUCT and 5 SERVICE shopping categories. The informational sections of the website is packed with tons of juicy tidbits, kernels of knowledge and nuggets of wisdom in the Blog, Videos, Media, and MHC's Newsletter.  

MHC has personally and professionally been on a quest to bring the best from the ethers, the health expos, conscious festivals, national speaker circuits and workshops.  We  have put together an incredible assortment of cutting edge products, services and information. MHC is a health hub where you can access cutting edge cross referenced informational material from quantum, elemental, electro, nutritional, detoxification, overall health, supreme wellness, micro-cellular hygiene and out to the macro-cosmic scope of matters toward your betterment.



About Modern Health Coach LLC

MHC is here to serve you and your loved ones toward your ultimate goal of glowing, bullet-proof, vitality, and longevity for as much Eternity as you can handle! MHC solves people’s problems for a living. Most human health problems or issues are of physical, chemical, emotional, energetic, spiritual, social, environmental imbalanced nature! What are your imbalances aka symptoms costing you in ill health and loss of productivity?  How good can you feel?

Let me save you Time, Stress and Money and give you practical everyday super health tips that you can incorporate into your new radiant lifestyle.  MHC will get you on the fast track if you want to regain the edge, recoup from injury, beat cancer, or just feel good again.  Most common ailments have similar causes, such as over acidity, stress, cellular memory, emotional trauma, crystalizing, stagnation, poor digestion, assimilation and excretion. You are the cure, learn how to beat the odds.  MHC's got you glowing and going...  www.ModernHealthCoach.com & Affiliate Partners offer effective body, mind and home Products, Medi-Spa Services, Kinesiology Assessments, Alkaline Lifestyle Coaching and more.

We know superior air, water, food, supplements and attitude will get you well on your way.  But that is not enough in today's toxic, stressful and out of balance world, so MHC employs modern health technologies with ancient truths to catalyze your journey to ultimate glowing health! MHC has had success treating cancer, Lyme, metal detoxes, 10 day juice feasts, parasites, sports rehabs, posture corrections, gout, arthritis, diabetes and the list goes on of symptoms stemming from common short comings that can be remedied if you are commited and informed.

MHC employs the BEST of Eastern and Western healing modalities include but are not limited to the following:

My IQ, Intuition, Common Sense, Observation, Kinesiology, Alkaline Lifestyle, the pH-Voltage-Dissolved Oxygen Principle, organ and body Detox methods, fast/ cleanse programs, the New Biology, Meditations, Energetic Balancing, Qi-Gong (Water Method), Yoga, Reiki, Breathe work, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Core stability and injury re-hab programs, Incline Bed Therapy, Facial Recognition, Somatics - muscular/postural reprogramming, Muscle Energy, Isometric exercises, Rife Frequencies, LED & Far-Infra Red Therapies, Oxygenation drops, EMF exposure and protection, Color Therapy, Chakra and Sacred Sound Tuning Forks, Chanting, Scalar (uni-field) Technologies, Dowsing, Orgone, magnetics, crystals and several other means and methods of healing and improving your life to its' utmost potential...



About Bradley John Mullner (MHC)

Born in 1973 and raised properly in a middle class family of four on a dead end street in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA. Brad Mullner grew up roman Catholic and Eastern orthodox and has two Christmases and Easters every year and celebrated both sects.  His dad an ex semi-pro football player, Vietnam veteran, 40 year electrical contractor executive was Roman Catholic, and Brad's mother was from the South Side steel mills, social delight and 30+ year retail sales and service person was practicing Eastern Orthodox. This dual heritage led Brad to start questioning everyone's angle into the same core reality.  Brad is founded in "know thyself" and "The Golden Rule" he found common ground and blazed a new trail since youth in uniting differences and going with the results in hand for the common man.

Brad earned a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Studies, Minor in Writing from Slippery Rock University in 1996 and worked his way up from Field Technician, Senior Environmental Scientist, to Project Manager for several environmental consulting firms for 13+ years in over 16 states.  Being literally right on the nasty 'front lines' of the environmental movement and recovery, Brad was personally exposed to  many chemical compounds, countless times, while personally delineating and remediating contamination in the soil, water and air.  His clients were the: US military bases, major gas utility companies, gas stations, transportation, commercial, industrial, schools and private folks who were getting "shat" on environmentally speaking. Brad also worked for 5 years in and around Ground-Zero NYC, in several buildings including WTC-1,-4, and every floor of Duetche Bank building leading a dioxin and mold survey.

Brad grew up all American, on the Standard American Diet S.A.D.  Being a "left handed Gemini" Brad really enjoyed the lion's share of all-night-party-life for 20 years in 3 major cities, enter "B-Rad".  So he received chemical exposure from his work during the week and self induced chemical exposure on the weekends, a true professional day and night.  So believe me, he personally truly knows how it feels to be down and out, low on energy, emotional turmoil, suffering from recurring symptoms, and need detoxing and rejuvenation ASAP. In computer speak it's: CTRL + ALT + DEL = system REBOOT. Break it down and build it back up better than before.   Don't be too proud to change, 2.0 time.

Personally being adjusted hundreds of times by several chiropractors (at ages: 15, 24, 28, 33 and 36) for a chronic bad back from playing contact sports as a kid and a few trampoline accidents.  An ice hockey injury in 2000, and left knee surgery in 2003 removed chips in his knee, that never was the same until more recently. Consequently, he had minor left hip surgery in 2005 from walking with a limp prior to the knee surgery. Also, Brad was involved in a severe car crash in 2007 totaled his Honda civic was rear ended and he suffered major neck and back pain. boohoo waah! It made Brad stronger faster.  Find the silver lining in the dark grey cloud is your job.

Since 2003, Brad has easily done over 23,000 hours of modern health and wellness research online and reading to 'right his ship' and stand and walk normal without pain. Several doctors and physical therapist said "just listen to me and I will get you ok." Brad was fed up, with "practicing" western medicine, scared he wouldn't walk normal again, and mad that this had happened to him.

So out of sheer necessity (personal Health Crisis), he took matters into my own hands and thoroughly educated himself.  Turning his broad Environmental Science degree (and reason) loose on true health and wellness answers. He quickly discerned the ineffective hype from the real healing modalities and methods. One discovered healing modality led to another and before long knew how to "right his ship." It took over a decade of diligence and hard-at-first necessary lifestyle changes, but learned and practiced whets needed to evolve. Sink or swim? Overcoming allot of doubt, fear, pain, money, time, focus and the whole process sucks breaking down. Only to get back up stronger and allot wiser in the end. To be or not to be? what kind of question is that?  2B!   

Claim what is rightfully yours....YOUR HEALTH! Learn how...contact me at b-rad@modernhealthcoach.com

The Multi-verse and I Thank You for reading.  Real change is from the bottom up not top down. Be the change and make it stick...

Your Infinite Servant,

Modern Health Coach, B-Rad

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