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Hello! Thank you for signing up as an MHC Affiliate, good move. We at MHC wanted to make sure you have what you need to meet your health and life goals. So we have listed out some key starting points to make sure you get real traction action in your quest for the best as an MHC Affiliate.

1. Watch 3 MANDATORY training videos and email back 3 passwords from these videos. 1.5 hours total viewing time. You can view these training videos on our MHC Affiliate Network YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe-1RnNRs9rc8QdVS90NRjQ

1A. There are other videos on MHC Affiliate Network YouTube channel that discuss each shopping category (minerals, oxygen, electro-Tech., etc.) recorded weekly. This greatly helps explain what it is and why you should care for each and every product or service we offer. We encourage you to attend our LIVE MHC Wednesday calls (5pm PST) or watch the recorded portion of the show afterward on our MHC Affiliate Network YouTube channel.

2. Submit a W-9 Tax form using SS# or EIN. Use this link to complete and submit http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf
2A. Print, fill out, sign, scan, and email back please.

3. Once these steps are completed and approved by MHC, congratulations you will then become an "ACTIVATED" affiliate. Now you can use your unique General Affiliate Referral link to save money on your own purchases or get paid for sharing with others.

4. Make sure you print out and review ATTACHMENT 1 - MHC AMP MANUFACTURERS, MARGINS & PRODUCT INFO TABLE located in your J-Rox Affiliate software back office. Once in your back office, click and open the icon for VIEW DOWNLOADS. There you will see the Manual and Table. The training manual spells out the program and the table spells out all the products, services and your commission percentage by manufacturers. This is your cheat sheet to understand and use properly all the MHC offers.

5. Walk the walk and talk the talk and enjoy sharing your link and helping others.


Modern Heath Coach LLC

Affiliate Marketing Program

Official Rules & Policies Manual

Version: 03.30.15


MHC Welcome Letter 3


A. How Did This All Start? Pre-MHC 4

B. MHC and MHC.com Evolves Into a Holistic Hub 5


A. "General Affiliate Link" – How MHC Affiliate Earn Sales Commissions 6

B. Advertising Your General Affiliate Link 6

C. MHC AMP Life Changing Educational Opportunities 7


A. Mandatory Training Videos on You Tube 8

B. Tax Digits Required *** IMPORTANT*** 8

C. Account Activation 9

D. Keeping Your MHC AMP Affiliate Account Activated 9

E. MHC AMP Interface Affiliate Tracking Software – J-Rox 9


A. MHC Affiliate 5 Step Process for Online Transactions 10


A. Please do not make Claims 11

B.Watch the Language 11


A. Wholesale Opportunities 12


A. Product Descriptions 13

B. Product Disclaimer 13


A. Commission Rate 14

B. Commission Methods 14

C. Commission Calculation 14

D. Split Commissions 14

E. Delayed Payment on Certain Manufacturers 15

F. Option to Cash in commission for MHC.com Products and Services 15

G. Product or Services discontinued at MHC.com 15

H. No Commission Payment 15

I."Cookies” Life 15

J. Fraudulent Activity 16

K. Tax Time 16








P a g e | - 4 -

Modern Health Coach LLC, LLC, Home of

Dear MHC Affiliates,

Congratulations and thank you for joining the Modern Health Coach Affiliate Marketing Program (MHC AMP), welcome into a personal and professional opportunity of a life time! In order to complete your application process you must read in its entirety the MHC AMP Official Rules and Policies Manual located in the TERMS OF SERVICE BOX and Agree to these terms by selecting "I Agree” just below the box. Once all required training and documentation (explained in this document) is completed, received and accepted by MHC you will become an Activated and Authorized team member of the MHC AMP and can begin earning commission on your sale referrals. If you have further questions after reviewing this document and/or MHC AMP training videos, please contact affiliates@modernhealthcoach.com.

This program can be as personally and professionally rewarding, as the level of involvement you desire. It is of utmost importance to MHC that you represent MHC.com's Products and Services in the "brightest light" possible and are comfortable with all MHC Products and Services; know their principles, uses and potential so you can properly and professionally share with fellow human kind for the "highest good" of all time.

The MHC Philosophy is to educate people and provide tangible solutions to help those overcome their own health issues and life challenges utilizing these basic ingredients, strategies and of course straight common (extra) sense. Knowing the problem and having the right information, protocols and products is the deal to feel real... MHC AMP is a business platform with next level health solutions products, services and information all under one roof www.modernhealthcoach.com

So let us both get tuned into the task at hand and flourish in the WOW opportunity of NOW. Much respect, appreciation, inspiration and rectification worldwide to you, yours and theirs, together (with the right information and options) we shall overcome, and then some.

MHC, B-Rad

Brad Mullner


Welcome to the new and expanded Modern Health Coach Affiliate Marketing Program (MHC AMP). This program may be new to you, as affiliate marketing itself is less than two decades old, but affiliate marketing has enjoyed immense popularity in the last 20 years, simply by affiliates selling a wide variety of products and services and earning commissions when customers buy off of their unique General Affiliate Link.

The home-based Affiliate marketing business model is very successful and growing rapidly. Never before has doing big business on-the-go been easier and more clean and convenient, as it is today. Thanks to the advances in technology it is possible to market products digitally by the coordination of the internet to smart phones, computers and tablets, websites with shopping carts and mobile credit card processing devices such as Square Up, PayPal and others electronic transfer fund applications. MHC AMP combines a slick and secure online store of nearly 250 next level products and services with the advanced J-Rox Affiliate commission Tracking software (Version 3).

When you refer anyone using your unique general affiliate link, which is your "cyber umbilical cord" to this remarkable system and holistic hub, and they make a purchase on MHC.com using your general affiliate link, J-Rox tracks and generates your commission(s). The beauty of the MHC AMP for YOU is that there is virtually NO financial investment on your part, as are NO inventory requirements, and NO logisticsinvolved in order placement, fulfillment, shipping, customer service, minimal financial paperwork, free back office software to track it all, and FREE training to boot! If this does not change your life for the better, then we need to talk, seriously MHC is way more than a store. MHC Products, Services, and Information when applied via the MHC AMP is a mindset, whole lifestyle, and advanced way of living found by many to be a serious upgrade to the standard status quo.


Modernhealthcoach.com is an online store (sales) website and affiliate home base for Modern Health Coach Affiliate Marketing Program (MHC AMP) global operations. This professionally designed and outstanding website will help you build your MHC AMP business. Viewers will be impressed on how well the options are presented and the interactive shopping cart is secure and easy to use. This interactive website will present the options available to the buyer at every step of the way. We encourage you to visit www.ModernHealthCoach.com and become familiar with the website, getting to know the various products and services available to you and your prospects.

MHC currently represents a healthy 30 Professional Manufacturers that provide 205+ premiere health products; MHC himself provides 35 local and non-local services. MHC Products are the main source of online sales, with Services a distant 2nd in current revenue. Authorized MHC AMP members are able to represent and earn commissions by manufacturer ranging from 3 - 30% on all products and services offered at MHC.com, that’s near 250 and counting items at your fingertips to share. MHC Affiliates earn commissions when someone they share their unique General Affiliate Link with makes a purchase at MHC.com using this very link.

To become an active MHC AMP Affiliate and receive a unique General Affiliate Link one must complete training and provide specific documentation as explained here in the MHC AMP Official Rules & Policies Manual. All MHC AMP affiliates have access to FREE continued MHC training via Videos, Blog, Newsletters, and weekly Phone/Video Conference Calls with access to ask MHC questions live.

Knowledge is power and experiencing for your self is always the best way. Developing your own story to share with clients, makes sharing MHC.com Products and Services more personal, effective, easier and downright fun. MHC encourages affiliates to use their MHC General Affiliate Link to purchase MHC products and services making it more helpful for one to generate their own story and honestly, feel better doing so.Please be sure to write customer reviews, located on the top left of the actual "Product Page" above the product picture, as this can be helpful to MHC.com browsers including prospects

If ever clients are "on the fence" and it can be helpful to share truthful positive experiences, maybe a follow up conversation and/or a live product demo can help your client feel more comfortable and excited about what you are sharing with them. Honesty is the best policy, the more you know, and the more experience you have with MHC Products and Services, the better you will be at sharing (your General Affiliate Link) with people.

A. "General Affiliate Link" – How MHC Affiliate Earn Sales Commissions

The "Modern Health Coach” Internet brand is sold directly to consumers via online atwww.modernhealthcoach.com. The MHC AMP is an integral part of the Modern Health Coach business plan. MHC himself invests considerable time and effort in educating our Affiliates and walking the walk and breaking down the talk. As part of MHC AMP you are able to share MHC Products and Services and earn commissions on these sales simply by sharing your General Affiliate Link and following through with your clients. . You can also purchase directly off of your own link!

When you sign up as an MHC AMP affiliate you create a user name. This username gets attached to the end of thewww.modernehealthcoach.com website URL, looks something like this www.moderhealthcoach.com/affiliates/YourUserNameHere and is referred to as your General Affiliate Link. Your unique General Affiliate Link is actually a replicate website of www.modernhealthcoach.com, when a customer clicks on your General Affiliate Link, or copy and paste it in the URL they are directed to your replicate version of www.modernhealthcoach.com tracked back to you.

It is important to note when a General Affiliate Link is used to direct a potential buyer to MHC.com and the website has loaded onto the screen the "/affiliate/YourUserNameHere" portion of the General Affiliate Link is hidden and the URL address will simply read www.modernhealthcoach.com. Do not be alarmed, this is supposed happen. As long as a customer uses a unique General Affiliate Link to go to www.moderhealthcoach.com the sale is tracked by our J-Rox Affiliate tracking software, and commission(s) by manufacturer(s) will be generated-at checkout. The Commission will be displayed in your "back office" under the "commissions" tab. This will be further explained in details below.

Authorized MHC Affiliates earn various commission percentages ranging from 3 - 30% by manufacturer, when a customer uses their MHC General Affiliate Link www.modernhealthcoach.com/affiliate/YourUserNameHere to purchase from the 205 premiere products or 35 plus services.Both MHC and the MHC Affiliate will automatically be sent an email that will read "Congratulations you just earned a Commission!" This can be viewed under the "Commission" tab in your J-Rox back-office, this commission will display as "Pending” until the commission is paid at which time it will display as "paid”.

NOTE: MHC is not responsible or required to pay commissions on orders (purchases) through MHC.com when a unique General Affiliate Link is NOT used by the customer. Whether referred or not, it is the Affiliates responsibility to ensure their client or prospect uses their unique General Affiliate Link www.modernhealthcoach.com/affilaites/YourUserNameHere (eg: www.ModernHealthCoach.com/affiliates/SallySmith) when visiting or making a purchase at MHC.com. While investing your time with your clients, it is important to be sure your customers use your General Affiliate Link in order to properly generate sales within the J-Rox/MHC system; it's the only way this program works clean and easy. Please inform your clients to use your General Affiliate Link, or make it easier for them to do so, MHC wants you to get paid-for your time and efforts.

B. Advertising Your General Affiliate Link

This program is all about sharing your unique Affiliate General Affiliate Link as far and wide as possible. This could be done by, but not limited to, your local area, family, friends, associates, online, social media, special interest (Yahoo) groups and forums, online banner advertisements, even pay per click possibilities. Think about it, everyone you know or have yet to meet has an opportunity to benefit from MHC's Next Level ~ Products, Services, & or at least Information in one way or another. There are many ways to advertise your General Affiliate Link both "in-person" and "online."

1.You want your online clients to click on your General Affiliate Link, so they can be seamlessly redirected to your replicate version of MHC.com. Due to human error potential and hassle it is best if your clients click on a linkversus manually typing in your General Affiliate Link. So when you email potential clients, or post something online make sure you drop your General Affiliate Link front and center. Use the "hyper-link" feature if inserting your General Affiliate Link into the body of an email or a Word document. The hyperlink text should be blue and underlined, like this http://www.modernhealthcoach.com/affiliates/modernhealthcoach and works by taking your client directly to your MHC.com replicate website.

The most common online way to advertise is with a banner. A banner is an image or graphic that is also a portal or button, that when anyone clicks on the banner image they are automatically redirected to the hyper-link (your General Affiliate Link ) embedded within the banner image. MHC has a stock square banner image you can use to embed your General Affiliate Link into and post online at MHC approved website(s) or used in online advertisements. MHC will be generating more banners in the future. However, any other banner images you create must be approved by MHC prior to implementation. Email banners for approval to affiliates@modernhealthcoach.com.Make sure to encode your General Affiliate Link into the banner exactly as it appears to be sure you earn credit and commissions on your sales when the banner is clicked on and purchased from.

2. In person it may be best to handout hard copy versions (flyers, brochures, and business cards) with your General Affiliate Link AND a QR Code (pixel-ated looking square) printed on this marketing material. Creating and advertising your QR code (with your General Affiliate Link embedded into it) is an easy way to be sure potential customers (with a smart phone) scan your QR Code (with link embedded) and are automatically redirected to your MHC.com replicate website version. You can create a QR code here at www.qrstuff.com (this is a suggested site there are others). It takes only about 2 minutes to create and is Free. A priceless slick cyber sales ID system available for all smart phone users!

When someone scans your QR code and/or clicks on your General Affiliate Link and makes a purchase, you just earned a commission and are now open for business! Congratulations, you just helped someone feel better AND made money, living the lifestyle you deserve.

There are many more ways to spread your link "like the wind", check out the "Marketing Tools" tab in your "back office." The dozen Marketing Tools in J-Rox are in the process of being populated and more available for use soon.

C. MHC AMP Life Changing Educational Opportunities

MHC AMP is a great way to add income to your bottom line, while helping others get solutions to their health issues and challenges. As a MHC AMP Affiliate you are able to gain invaluable insights and knowledgewith direct access to MHC AMP support forums, which include:

·3 Mandatory Activation Training Videos - "How to Build Your Affiliate Business” on the MHC Affiliate Network YouTube Channel.Learn the back-office basics and discover what a great opportunity MHC has laid out for you. Watch these 3 mandatory training video to learn how to properly operate and maneuver the MHC AMP.

·"Live” Video Conference Calls Every Wednesday – Led by MHC himself at 9 pm EST. MHC breaks down the in’s and the outs of how to optimize your MHC AMP business. MHC also provides coaching techniques for peak performance personally and professionally.Ring Central access link will be emailed every Wednesday morning, the day of the call. Some portions of some shows will be uploaded onto MHC Affiliate Network YouTube Channel. However, you receive more and better training when you attend online live weekly.

·A mandatory appearance - Once a year we need to see you on a call so you can remain active. It is nice to have a working relationship with whom you are working with, so MHC is requesting your presence one time per year to remain in "active" status. The calls are invaluable and provide essential training to help you represent MHC properly. Don't worry MHC himself is fun, funny and really informative, so don't be a stranger!

·MHC.com Monthly Newsletter - More health insights and product deals. Enter your email address in the newsletter button on right side of MHC.com main page.12 more ways for you to increase your field of knowledge and put it to good use.

·Website Content - Specificin-depth product material information, videos and blog at MHC.com help gets you on the fast track to wellness. Keep scrolling down on blog for more articles pertaining to various ways to optimize your health and wellness. Check out Links section being populated as well.

·Live Emailand Phone Support – Understanding the products and services offered at MHC.com and being able to properly share their particulars is key in your advancement in the MHC AMP. MHC spends many hours preparing and providing next level training information for you.Please do your part first by carefully reviewing the mandatory and extra training materials and participating in the Live Conference calls all which are designed to help you better understanding the material and system. However if any part is unclear or you simply have questions please contact us, as we are available to help. See Office Contact List below.

·Bonus Package - If you are truly on the health path and incorporate MHC products, services and information to your heart, mind and soul you will raise your vibration and be changed forever! Once you learn better ways to help you feel better for longer (vitality & longevity) there is no going back to lower vibrational ways.MHC looks forward to helping you raise the vibrations in your life and of those around you!

NE 6852


A. Mandatory Training Videos on You Tube

Due to the large array of "alternative" health products and services at MHC.com, and in order to avoid misrepresentation which could possibly lead to undue issues with federal regulatory agencies, MHC is requiring that to become an Activated and Authorized MHC Affiliate one must watch 3 MANDATORY Training Videos located on the MHC Affiliate Network YouTube Channel. One password is mentioned somewhere within each of the 3 videos. It is required that you watch these 3 training videos and email these 3 passwords along with your signed and completed W-9 U.S. I.R.S. Tax Form to: affiliates@modernhealthcoach.com. Once reviewed and approved, your Affiliate account will be confirmed and ACTIVATED and you will be Authorized to distribute MHC Products and Services globally!

B. Tax Digits Required *IMPORTANT*

MHC requires a completed and signed W-9 (or country's equivalent) before MHC LLC will pay any Affiliate their commissions. This is for tax purposes only. MHC Affiliate’s work as Independent Contractors and will receive a 1099 Form yearly from MHC LLC the following year for all commissions paid to the Affiliate for the previous tax year. The W-9 located here: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf provides MHC LLC the proper documentation to prepare the IRS 1099 form.

Modern Health Coach LLC does not deduct taxes from Affiliates commissions earned or pay Affiliate Taxes. It is the responsibility of MHC Affiliates to file their yearly taxes on commissions paid to Affiliate from Modern Health Coach LLC. It is not the responsibility of MHC.com or MHC LLC to file or pay MHC Affiliate taxes on commission earned from the MHC AMP. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with this important tax requirement. Please print, complete, sign and submit your W-9 Form today, so you can get started.

C.Account Activation

All Affiliates upon submitting a MHC AMP application are automatically placed in the "inactivate" status, until the following is completed and approved by MHC:

·Watch 3 MANDATORY training videos & email affiliates@modernhealthcoach.comthe 3 passwords from the 3 videos

·Submit a completed and signed W-9 Tax form. Mail to:

Modern Health Coach LLC

2675 W S.R. 89A, #1272,

Sedona, AZ 86336

or email to affiliates@modernhealthcoach.com

Once MHC receives reviews and approves the W-9 Tax from, and 3 passwords from the Mandatory training videos, the MHC Affiliate’s account will be confirmedand activated.

D. Keeping Your MHC AMP Affiliate Account Activated

1.MHC requires that in order to keep your MHC AMP affiliate account active, affiliate must purchase a product or service (minimum $50)from MHC.com once a year. The affiliates General Affiliate Link can be used for the purchase. Shipping & processing fees apply and do not count toward the $50 yearly minimum in product or service cost to remain active.

2.Affiliates must join one (1) live Wednesday video call using our Free Ring Central platform (first time users must download Ring Central from weekly emailed link) or call via telephone to participate.Affiliates must remain on the live call (camera on or off) for at least 45 minutes, although most shows run for 1 to 2 hours in length. Participate and learn, it's good for everybody and only asking 45 minutes per year of your (vested) attention. MHC is on your side, join in the enlightenment sessions!

E. MHC AMP Interface Affiliate Tracking Software – J-Rox

MHC Affiliates interface through the MHC Affiliate Software from J-Rox.This interface is your "back-office" or "dashboard" screen, which is quickly and easily accessed from any internet ready device. Here you will locate your General Affiliate Link,track your sales, commissions, gain access to MHC marketing materialsand more. Further detailed information about using J-Rox can be found below and in the mandatory Affiliate training videos on MHC Affiliate Network YouTube Channel.


This upgraded and customized interactive software is very user friendly and lock solid at tracking affiliate commissions generated when a customer purchases items using an affiliate's unique General Affiliate Link www.modernhealthcoach.com/affiliates/YourUserNameHere. J-Rox Affiliate Software links www.modernhealthcoach.com and its shopping cart to each affiliate through their unique General Affiliate Link www.modernhealthcoach.com/affilaites/YourUserNameHere . At checkout J_Rox affiliate tracking softwareautomatically calculates the commissionbased on each Manufacturers' percentage ranging from 3% - 30%.

NOTE: There is a 3% processing fee that comes off the top of the product or service total at the time of purchase (sales tax and shipping charges not included). The commission is calculated on the balance after the 3% is removed. The percentage earned on each product remains the same.For example on a $100 product or service sale with a 20% commission, 3% is for processing leaving $97, therefore the commission is 20% of $97.

To gain access to your J-Rox "back office" "dashboard" screen, you must be an Activated MHC AMP Affiliate.Once you become a confirmed and approved MHC AMP Affiliate, our J-Rox system will automatically generate and email you a password. Using any internet ready device anywhere in the world, both new and returning affiliates can log into the J-Rox back-office by visiting the www.modernhealthcoach.com home/main page and clicking on the "Affiliate Program" tab located on the right upper corner of the MHC.com home page.Next click "New Affiliates" to sign up and become a MHC AMP Affiliate, or for existing MHC AMP Affiliates simply entering your username, password and click "Login". Use the "favorites" feature on your internet browser to have your computer remember your login credentials for easy access next time.

A live video tutorial of the software and the various ways to utilize the marketing features is available on the Mandatory 3 Training Videos on the MHC Affiliate Network YouTube Channel. Please research online other affiliate marketing tips and tricks to leverage your time.

A. MHC Affiliate 5 Step Process for Online Transactions

A General Affiliate Link (www.modernhealthcoach.com/affilaites/YourUserNameHere) is accessed by a potential buyer, who is seamlessly transferred to the affiliates replicate website version of www.ModernHealthCoach.com where they can browse and purchase products and services. So you and your client are comfortable when a purchase is made, here is the 5-step process:

1. A potential customer clicks on the Affiliates General Affiliate Link, Scans their QR code, or types this General Affiliate Link (www.modernhealthcoach.com/affilaites/YourUserNameHere) in the URL to access the affiliate’s replicate website version of www.modernhealthcoach.com.

2. This potential customer is now on www.modernhealthcoach.com (with your link hidden from the URL) and decides to buy items from various manufacturers using the shopping cart and payment system. The SSL secure payment portal on MHC.com ensures secure transactions when referring business to MHC.com.

3. Once the sale is completed commission(s) based in manufacturer commission percentages ranging from 3 - 30% are automatically generated, both the affiliate and MHC are notified via email simultaneously.

4. Normal credit card processing takes 2-4 business days. Once customer funds are deposited to MHC’s account the order is processed and shipped. Customer’s will usually receive their order within about a week, provided the product(s) are not on backorder or discontinued. International orders can take much longer to arrive due to border customs and transit times that are out of MHC control. Customers are emailed tracking information once their order has shipped.

5. Now the Affiliate is able to review this commission in their J-Rox back-office dashboard under "Commissions” where the actual commission status will read "Pending."When a commission is paid out to the Affiliate, the status will change to "Paid.”Commissions will be paid out near the 15th of the following month that the commission was generated, unless there is a MHC or MHC manufacturer 30 day customer return policy, which begins on the day the customer receives their product, not when the order is placed.In this case the commission can only be paid after the 30 day customer return policy has expired provided the customer did not return the product for a refund. This commission will be paid near the 15th of the following month or next closest pay period.

NOTE: If a customer does not use a specific affiliate's General Affiliate Link and instead purchased directly off www.modernhealthcoach.com , no affiliate commission will be generated.Affiliates want to make sure their customer uses their General Affiliate Link. Perhaps explicitly explain and or type your link onto their computing device screen to ensure that they use your link. It does not take long and your commission depends on the use of your General Affiliate Link, this is valuable time well spent.


The MHC AMP is a carefully planned and executed program integrating a full spectrum of products, order fulfillment, packaging, literature, website, videos, information and a uniquely structured marketing program. In all aspects we have worked hard to build the highest quality image possible and continue to do so. All MHC Affiliates must operate to these same high standards without exception. This program is designed to benefit many people.We will have zero tolerance for habits and practices that hurt the image and reputation that the MHC family has worked so hard to build.

Please report any violation of these high standards to: affiliates@ModernHealthCoach.com. MHC reserves the right to remove Affiliates from the MHC AMP at any time if a MHC Affiliate makes incorrect or bold claims or performs any other unacceptable behavior that could in any way negatively affect the MHC.com website and outstanding reputation that MHC has worked for years to build. This program might not be for everyone, and MHC will be sure to let you know if this is the case with you.

A.Please do not make Claims

We get excited about how helpful MHC.com Products and Services can be, but please watch the language you use and statements you make to express your experiences with MHC products and services.Do not use words or statement such as "cure" anything, "cure dis-ease(s),” or "quitting prescriptions,” etc.Use discernment and downright common sense please, if your comment doesn’t seem appropriate, it probably is not. Downplay key words in language for MHC AMP's longevity, amidst the current conventional health (sick) care system establishment. Let's think about longevity.

B. Watch the Language

MHC focuses on overall wellness, vitality and longevity and not specific dis-eases. Please do the same. Let's not invite undesirable attention, so WATCH WHAT WE SAY in person and online, this is of upmost importance. Instead you may talk about the quality sourced ingredients, how positive you or other’s experiences are, reported benefits, how they make you feel, and why you would want to share or recommend these products and/or services to other people.You may use a good set up words like: "some people have reported", "some users have experienced", "certain texts refer to", "humans tend to experience", "in my experience in working with X amount of people", "Studies indicate that," "we have noticed this, this and that since using these products".

This "down to earth," personable and realistic tone versus more outlandish bold statements will help inform and educate people better anyway.Let's make sure to abide by the governmental agencies laws of the land like the FDA, AMA and FTC and the conventional American health care system they support even if you may not agree with it.


Whether you work in another field or the same wellness field, and whether you prefer to rely on internet sales, or on local sales, MHC.com and the MHC AMP has next level health products and services A to Z. The MHC AMP is better suited to those people who do not want to inventory products and go to the expense of a brick and mortar business. Affiliates simply place orders with MHC.com online (preferably) or over the phone for drop ship. The MHC AMP is designed so you can be rewarded by referring potential buyers and receiving a commission for completed sales, when they use your unique General Affiliate Link, www.modernhealthcoach.com/affilaites/YourUserNameHere. However, some affiliates may choose to purchase MHC.com products before hand or even at wholesale, for the convenience of selling directly to clients in one’s local community.

You can operate both businesses together if you wish, and many people are doing just that. For example you may want to "embed" your MHC Affiliate General Affiliate Link in a MHC.com banner and display on your website. When a website browser clicks on this banner, they are directed to your replicate version of www.modernhealthcoach.com, where if they make a purchase (within a year, from your link or that computer) from MHC.com’s over near 250 Products including 35 plus Services, you would earn varying commissions from 3% - 30%.

P a g e | - 7 -

1. Linking to Your Website - When you become an Authorized MHC AMP Affiliate you may choose to create a personalized banner or Link to display on your existing website linking those who click on the banner to your General Affiliate Link.www.modernhealthcoach.com/affiliates/YourUserNameHere. Any sites linking to www.modernhealthcoach.com or affiliate versions of MHC.com must receive approval prior from MHC.com before implementation. For inquires please contact affiliates@modernhealthcoach.com

2. Linking Multiple Websites – Affiliates may link MHC.com to a maximum of three (3) websites operated by this Affiliate. The website(s) will have to be visited and judged to be acceptable by MHC who will also review these websites from time to time to ensure they remain acceptable. Applicants must submit the URL addresses upon submission as an Affiliate or if already an existing affiliate will need to submit for approval prior to implementation.Websites with questionable content or displaying content that misrepresents or has the potential to hurt the image of MHC.com and/or Modern Health Coach LLC will not receive approval for links.

3. Creating a Webpage If You Do Not Have a Website: You do not need to create a website, MHC has already done this for you with MHC.com. However, MHC can supply some neutral (no contact info) marketing material that you can customize with your contact information to display on literature, business cards, brochures, flyers car door magnets.. The webpage can include your photograph, a short biography, and other information. MHC suggests you place this web address and QR Code on your MHC.com business cards, this will direct your prospects directly to your customized webpage.

Web pages have no way of generating visitors and search engines will not pick it up so you must pro-actively promote your website page by blogging, passing out your business cards, presetting, personal contact lists, and passing out your General Affiliate Link day and night , actively instruct people to buy from it.

NOTE: Any websites or web pages representing www.modernhealthcoach.com will need prior approval from MHC before implementation. MHC.com reserves the right to remove links to MHC.com from webpage’s or websites at anytime that are deemed inappropriate by MHC or that may in any way negatively affect MHC.com or its content. Websites and pages that are approved will be reviewed from time to time by MHC.

A.Wholesale Opportunities

For those of you with an established business where certain MHC products could work in large numbers, there is Wholesale Opportunities available on most products.Currently MHC’s Wholesale program is handled on a case by case basis although there are required minimums on all products. For those interested parties wishing to purchase MHC's products at Wholesale rates, send inquires to affiliates@modernhealthcoach.com

Business's who wish to establish a MHC Wholesale Account will be required to submit a W-9, Reseller's Permit and Business License. |

W: www.Modern Health Coach LLC


MHC AMP is now activated for ALL 23 shopping categories at varying commission percentage rates by manufacturer, from currently 3% up to 30%! Commissions rates are set "by manufacturer" (see Attachment 1). We recommend you print out Attachment 1 the MHC AMP - MANUFACTURERS, MARGINS & PRODUCT INFO TABLE and use this quick reference guide (cheat sheet) as a handy tool to know your commission percentages, this is a helpful tool when explaining to others how MHC.com can potentially help them and you. Get to learn what you can now offer people, this impressive assortment of feel good items:

1) Currently, 35+ MHC SERVICES are offered in 5 SERVICE Shopping CATEGORIES - MHC specializes in Electro -Technology, Frequencies, Kinesiology, Detox programs, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, Water Testing, home environment & human body consulting, Sedona, Arizona Retreat combosand more (see Attachment 1).

2) Currently, near 250 MHC PRODUCTS in 23 Main page PRODUCT Shopping CATEGORIES - MHC.com is a proud authorized distributor and partner with 30 Manufacturers including: Ambaya Gold, Bulletproof, Health Force Nutritionals, Health & Herb, Alchemdix, e Force Plus, Dr: Jubb, Dr. Flanagan, Dr. Nick., The Skilling Institute, and more brilliant minds in great companies with truly effective products and break throughs!

Stay tuned for more on our rapidly growing and expanding MHC.com line up. There are another (give or take) one hundred products that have not been posted yet and thousands more products in the wings (which you can and will earn commissions on in the future). Let's focus on the top products selected and nicely displayed on the MHC.com website for now. As a teaser see Attachment 1 for link to Health & Herb's 14,000 herbal tinctures and supplements where you earn 10% commissions on those products.

A. Product Descriptions

MHC.com website is 3 layers deep website, layer 1 is the Main Page, layer 2 is Category Page, and layer 3 is Product Page. There is a wide range of next level health and wellness Products and Services at Modern Health Coach.com online. All of MHC's 30 manufactures proudly operate out of the USA. MHC has selected these manufacturer's and their products for their quality ingredients, reputation, performance, value and accessibility.

ach LLC

MHC follows all Manufacturers Specifications on Product use and recommended dosage. MHC recommends you muscles test yourself and ask your body, and/or consult with your physician or holistic provider(s) for your best course of action when beginning any health program or taking any supplements especially if pregnant, nursing or have any medical condition.

We encourage you to please post product reviews(located next to the Product's Buy Button) on products you like and find value in. This may be helpful for future customers browsing your replicate website and MHC.com. Please watch the language in making claims in the reviews as well on MHC.com. Stay tuned for updates on the site from time to time.

B. Product Disclaimer

MHC.com will not be responsible for product or equipment malfunctions that are the result of damage from accidents, misuse and failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, or any alterations to the products made by the customer. Modern Health Coach LLC will not be responsible for accidental or misuse of products. MHC follows manufacturer return policies, see manufacturer with issues. Please let MHC and manufacturer know any issues to best resolve them.


Through the technology of Internet tracking it is possible for us to monitor the source of the shopper on our site. Because of this, we can attribute a sale to a particular Affiliate through the various means of tracking employed by J-Rox Affiliate Tracking Software as discussed above. Further MHC has upgraded J-Rox to determine the products manufacturer and allocate the appropriate commission percentage by manufacturer from the entire MHC.com website.Commissions are paid for sales achieved due to your referral efforts through your unique General Affiliate Link www.ModernHealthCoach.com/affilaites/YourSalesLinkHere.

A. Commission Rate

Overall - A customer makes an online purchase at MHC.com using a unique General Affiliate Link, at the moment of purchase a 3% of the sale is automatically deducted from the gross sales amount to cover processing fees. Authorized MHC Affiliates are paid a commission based on 97% of the net sale price purchased online. MHC can only split what he gets. For example if a customer using a General Affiliate Link purchases product(s) or Service(s) that cost $100.00 (not including applicable tax and shipping costs), 3% is automatically deducted from the $100.00 leaving a net balance of $97.00. The manufacturer’s set MHC commission percentages remain the same, so say the product(s) or service(s) have a 10% commission, the MHC Affiliate therefore receives a commission of 10% of $97.00. Note, no commission is paid on freight/shipping charges, promotional incentives or taxes.

Each Item - In your back office under the "Commissions" Tab, you will see two sets of numbers in the "Transaction ID" column.They look like this "621-44", or "529-3". The first three numbers are the order number from MHC.com, and the second set of numbers after the hyphen is the manufacturer ID number located in Attachment 1 Manufacturers, Margins & Product Info Table. In your Commissions Tab you can compare the Sale amount with the Commission amount for each item sold. So the sales data you receive by J-Rox is the MHC.com order number and the manufacturer(s) ID number that the item was ordered from. You will receive one email for each product's manufacturer that you earned a commission on. No further sale information is available, as this is between MHC and client or customer.

875-5915 F: 402-467-939 Health Coach LLC W: www.Modern Health Coach LLC

B. Commission Methods

Select and/or complete in your Profile section your preferred method of payment. MHC issues and mails commission checks. If a MHC Affiliate prefers MHC has the option of using PayPal to pay Affiliates commissions. Please note that if you choose to be paid via PayPal there is a 3% processing fee that the Affiliate is required to pay. There is no additional fee for MHC to issue a check and send regular mail. If MHC Affiliate needs to receive check in a quicker manner, they may request this, however are required and agree to pay any additional shipping fees. Please indicate your preference upon signing up with MHC AMP in your J-Rox back-office.

Note: Affiliates will receive an email notification of options in regards to payment of commissions in cash, MHC products or services or a combination of both cash and goods. Please reply to this email near the 15th of each month for pay day way.

C. Commission Calculation

Commissions are calculated monthly and issued near the 15th of every month. Commissions paid near the 15th are for commissions earned on the previous month.Commissions earned on products sold that have a 30 day manufacturer or MHC.com return policy will not be paid until after the 30 days return policy has expired. The 30 day return policy begins the day the customer receives their product(s). These commissions will be paid near the 15thof the month after this period has expired.Please note if the 15th falls on a weekend (Saturday or Sunday) or bank holiday, the commissions will be paid on the next available business day.

Adjustments to commissions will be made if a sale is voided or if fraud is suspected. MHC and www.moderhealthcoach.com has zero tolerance for fraudulent activity.If fraudulent activity is suspected MHC has the right to remove and/or prosecute the affiliate if need be.

D. Split Commissions

There are no split commissions. Sometimes a prospect who you introduce to MHC.com does not purchase, and instead, visits another MHC.com Affiliate site or purchases directly from the MHC.com website. In either case you are not entitled to the commission.

Be sure to direct prospects to purchase from your General Affiliate Link. Perhaps offer them a rebate from your commission when they buy off your link, as an incentive, this may encourage your prospects to use you General Affiliate Link and avoid bypassing you. If a MHC Affiliate chooses to offer their customer an incentive, it is the sole responsibility of the MHC Affiliate to follow through and pay that incentive to the customer, it is not the responsibility of MHC or MHC.com to pay any incentives promised or offered by MHC AMP Affiliates to their referred customers.

Note: Anyone can sign up as an affiliate and receive these same discounts however not everyone is interested in becoming a MHC affiliate. This program is not designed for those who just want to get a quick discount; there is training, submission of a W9, time spent and minimums involved.

E. Delayed Payment on Certain Manufacturers

Some of MHC’s manufacturers products may take longer to process after purchase due to back orders and respective money back guarantee period (30 days being most common) beginning only once the customer receives the product. Currently the following manufacturers may have several week delays beyond the standard month to six week time lag from MHC.com checkout to commission payment in your hand, including but not limited to:

The Skilling Institute, Health & Herb, Future Health Today, More Than Alive, BCX Ultra, Zeropoint Research, Optimum Energetics, Tower Garden, AtmosH2O, Aqua Nui, & O3 Systems.

MHC.com accepts and processes several orders daily and will not always be able to notify the MHC Affiliate if there is a delay in the product their customer ordered beyond standard processing which could lead to a delay in the Affiliate commission payment.However, at any time the MHC affiliate may inquire at affiliates@modernhealthcoach.com with further questions pertaining to this type of order or if an affiliate does not receive a commission on this type of order as they had anticipated.


F. Option to Cash in commission for MHC.com Products and Services

As an MHC Affiliate you are eligible to use your commission value plus an additional 10% of your commission value toward the purchase of MHC.com products and services. If the product(s) or service(s) you are purchasing is more than the commission value plus 10% of the commission value, the balance will need to be paid to MHC.com prior to MHC.com shipping product(s) or providing the service(s). Freight and shipping charges and applicable taxes will be calculated and must be paid from commission total or additionally prior to MHC.com shipping product(s) or providing service(s). e.g. - So if you have $100 in commissions in your account, you can cash that in for $110 in MHC Products or Services.

G. Product or Services discontinued at MHC.com

Our MHC Team is continually researching the latest on health and longevity to be able to provide the healthiest highest quality products and services available, this may lead to removing or adding products to MHC.com website at any time. MHC or Manufacturers of product sold on www.modernhealthcoach.com reserves the right to remove, adjust or change products from www.modernhealthcoach.com at any time. This could be due to a product having been discontinued, altered or at MHC or Manufacturer's discretion. Once a product is removed from the site, no commissions will be paid on these products.However commission(s) earned on the product(s) and service(s) by MHC Affiliate prior to MHC website removal will be paid. To stay up to date with changes to Products and Services at www.modernhealthcoach.com, please visit the site. MHC will send email update notifications to affiliate when changes occur to the MHC AMP.

H. No Commission Payment

Be sure your customer enters your unique General Affiliate Link. If there is no tracking information recorded for a transaction no commission will be paid. This may happen very rarely but can when a Customer has their cookies turned off, or if the customer simply does not us a MHC Affiliate General Affiliate Link.

I. "Cookies” Life

MHC.com and J-Rox recognizes "cookies” on the PC's unique IP address for a maximum of 365 days after the transaction, but not prior to a transaction or beyond this 365 day period after the transaction has occurred.

J. Fraudulent Activity

MHC.com will not pay commissions where fraud or foul play has occurred. Where fraud is suspected MHC, MHC LLC and MHC.com reserves the right to hold-back commissions until our investigations have been completed and a determination of facts is made.See Section IX Unacceptable Business Practices.

K. Tax Time

At the beginning of each year all Affiliates that were paid commissions for the previous year will receive a 1099 IRS Tax form from MHC LLC, totaling commission payouts from MHC AMP for previous tax year. MHC Affiliates are independent contractors. MHC LLC does not withhold or pay tax on MHC Affiliates commissions earned. It is the sole responsibility of the MHC Affiliate not MHC to file and pay Affiliates income tax.


·Affiliates MAY NOT use traffic that is generated by pay to click, pay to read, banner exchanges, click exchanges, CPV advertising, pop-up/under, SPAM, purchased traffic or similar methods.

·Affiliates MAY NOT use cookie stuffing techniques that set the tracking cookie without the user actually clicking on the referral link (for example a 1x1 pixel iframe).

·Affiliates MAY NOT bid on or use trademark, trademark +, or misspelled keywords for the purpose of PPC (Pay Per Click) on Internet search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask etc.).

·Affiliates MAY NOT use trademark, trademark +, or misspelled keywords in their domain names.

·Affiliates are responsible for ensuring their tracking code is working properly before sending traffic to our servers. Any modification to the links is the sole responsibility of the affiliate. Commissions will not be paid for tracking errors caused by editing, masking, redirecting or tampering with your links.

·The use of redirected pages and links to send a user to our site is prohibited. Example: you may not have a Pay Per Click link on a search engine that redirects the user to our site.

·Domain forwarding is prohibited - you may not purchase a domain and set it to forward directly to our site using your affiliate link.

·Affiliates MAY NOT copy our website or portions of it and display them on their own site or

subdomain without specific written permission from MHC and Modern Health Coach LLC.

·Affiliates MAY NOT engage in the advertisement of business-opportunity sites or use marketing practices that attract fraudulent or short-term customers (customers with low retention and renewal rates).Be honorable and use good business practices.

P a g e | - 19 -

Coach LLC W: www.Modern Health Coach LLC


This Official Rules Policies Manual is current as of the date on the front page of this document. We will provide updates from time to time. Affiliates with current emails will receive updates with changes to the MHC AMP and products and services therein. It is your responsibility as an MHC Affiliates to be sure your email address is current, this way you can be sure to receive any notifications or changes regarding the MHC AMP.

·MHC Affiliate Marketing program is a volunteer program.

·MHC reserves the right to remove affiliates from the MHC AMP at anytime due to fraudulent activity, misrepresentation, or conflict of interest.

·MHC is under no obligation to payout commissions on products that have been discontinued by the manufacturer or removed from the website.

·MHC and/or its manufacturers reserve the right to remove products from MHC.com at anytime making these products or services no longer commissionable.

·MHC reserves the right to refuse business to anyone.

·MHC reserves the right to change prices, adjust product descriptions, and adjust products at any time without prior notification.

MHC.com statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or the American Medical Association. Our technologies, products, services and information is for informational, educational and/or scientific experimental purposes only, and is not intended to: 1- Diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease; and 2 - Replace or substitute the advice and/or services of a physician or other qualified health care professional. Any attempt to diagnose and treat illness should come under the direction and supervision of a qualified health care professional or physician. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, always consult your physician before using any product or service.

The entire contents of www.modernhealthcoach.com is based upon the opinions of Modern Health Coach LLC, unless otherwise noted. It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience of Modern Health Coach LLC and his community. Modern Health Coach LLC encourages you to make your own health care decisions based upon your own instincts, research and a partnership with a qualified health care professional. Be well, live long and prosper! 6 -



As an Authorized Modern Health Coach Affiliate you are permitted to use our Modern Health Coach trade name and trademarks provided you follow some simple rules. When doing so you must reference that you are an Authorized Modern Health Coach Affiliate. You cannot claim you work for or are an agent for MHC.com. The Modern Health Coach brand name and style is as follows: The Modern Health Coach Logo and the tag-line "Next Level Solutions” must only be used as permitted by MHC.com.

These marks can be used by you in items supplied by MHC.com. If you have a need to use them in applications other than MHC.com supplied items please contact Affiliates@ModernHealthCoach.comfor specifications on use. You are not authorized to use these logo marks for any items other than what we provide you without specific written approval from MHC.com . Any attempt to use the MHC logo and trade names in ways other than stated herein are prohibited and such activities will be dealt with under our zero tolerance policy.

P a g e | -21 -


Here is a list of frequently used contacts at MHC.com :

For questions relating to the sales, affiliate software or websites:


Brad Mullner, 928-567-4042

For questions relating to commissions and administration:

Administration, 928-567-4042

To report fraud or unethical behavior:

Brad Mullner, 928-567-4042

P a g e | -20 -


1. How does the program work?

The MODERN HEALTH COACH AFFILIATE MARKETING PROGRAM (MHC AMP) allows you to make money by referring customers to the www.ModernHealthCoach.com (MHC.com) website using your unique General Affiliate Link URL added onto www.modernhealthcoach.com/affiliates/YOURUSERNAMEHERE/. Every time a customer you refer makes a purchase at www.modernhealthcoach.com using your General Affiliate Link www.modernhealthcoach.com/affiliates/YOURUSERNAMEHERE/, you earn a commission. MHC handles transaction processing, fulfillment and customer service. MHC also provides you with your own back office loaded with statistical reports on clicks and sales, tracking, marketing material and more. Commission checks are sent monthly for the previous month's sales referred by your General Affiliate Link with the exception of 30 day manufacture or MHC return policy. Slick click system folks get on board and max out!

2. How much does it cost?

There is no fee to apply to become a MHC Affiliate or to host your MHC.com replicate website and back office and no minimum sales requirements. To remain an active MHC Affiliate you must however make one (1) $50 minimum purchase per year and use your own affiliate link to do so.

3. What do I need to become an affiliate?

Good honest intentions and the desire to be a MHC Affiliate. You don't even need a website although having your own website may be a helpful additional marketing platform. You may promote MHC product(s) and service(s) personally via search engines (Learn how), recording and posting videos to MHC Affiliate Network YouTube Channel, posting experiences in internet forums, Word Press blog tweeting then posting any of these links on Facebook and/or LinkedIn (Learn how), or simply email your General Affiliate Link to friends and others you know.

All you need to do is to send a visitor to our site via a special link (called 'General Affiliate Link'), and if he or she buys anything from us using your unique link, you will get 3% up to 30% of the sale value after the automatic deduction of 3% processing fee, pending no returns.

4. Do I or my website automatically qualify as an MHC Affiliate?

No. Anyone may submit an application. We have requirements and are somewhat selective on choosing Affiliates to represent MHC. You must submit completed W-9 Tax form, watch 3 training videos, read manual, send 3 passwords and submit verification of these tasks. Join us on the live weekly calls at least once a year, and purchase something once a year from MHC.com using your own link, minimum purchase price of $50. That is it, and the stars are the limit.

Having said that most people and web sites will qualify for the program. We may reject affiliates and or web sites that we determine are unsuitable. Please see the Modern Health Coach Affiliate Official Rules and Policies Manual for more information.

We do reserve the right to refuse affiliation to a site or revoke a site's affiliate status any time if we deem it contains or links to objectionable material or in other ways do not fit with the image of our company and products. Objectionable material includes, but is not limited to, explicit language or content, violence, pornography, discrimination, promotion of illegal activities, violation of intellectual property rights or laws, libelous, defamatory or disparaging materials, or sites with little or no original content.

5. How do I set up an account?

Setting up your MHC Affiliate account is very easy and it's completely FREE. You don't have to pay for becoming an affiliate. To sign up go to www.modernhealthcoach.com, click "Affiliate Program” located under the "Information" section tab right side of the MHC Home Page. On the "Member Login" page click "Create Account.” Here you will complete the MHC AMP application. Once the application is received it must be reviewed by our affiliate manager for approval. Once the reviewing process is completed you will receive an email with further instructions as noted below.

MHC AMP Account Setup Summary:

A. Fill out the Application On-Line at www.modernhealthcoach.com: Click on "Affiliate Program" tab and enter "Create Account"

B. Complete all required fields in the Registration form. NOTE: The USERNAME you enter during this registration process will be the USERNAME on General Affiliate Link, so choose wisely. You and MHC CAN NOT change this USERNAME.

C. You must read in its' entirety the MHC AMP Official Rules and Policy Manual located on this affiliate registration page under TERMS of SERVICE. You must select "I Agree” to the TERMS of SERVICE in order to submit your application.

D. Watch the required MHC AMP training videos located on the MHC Affiliate Network YouTube Channel. You are required to email these 3 passwords that are within these videos to affilaites@modernhealthcoach.com

E. Complete and sign your W-9. Email to affilaites@modernhealthcoach.com or mail to

Modern Health Coach LLC

2675 W S.R. 89A, #1272

Sedona, AZ 86336

F. Once A, B, C, D and E above are submitted to MHC and received, reviewed and accepted you will become an approved MHC Affiliate, Congratulation and Welcome Aboard!You will receive your activation email that includes a Jrox generated password. You will be need this password to get into your back office dashboard on the affiliate login page where you will access your General Affiliate Link (www.modernhealthcoach/affilaites/YourUserNameHere) and much more.

G. Now you are ready to share your General Affiliate Link & get paid! Share this link far and wide. That is your link to this system, use it exclusively for all of your point of sales with MHC. Make flyers with your link and QR codes with your link at www.qrstuff.com, it takes just 2 minutes. Place your affiliate General Affiliate Link everywhere you can. On flyers with QR codes, email friends, on banner you create, text links, advertisements, your website link (if applicable) or place ads in pay-per-click search engines to name a few options. Having gained access to your back office dashboard you are now able to see detailed statistics of traffic and sales you referred, company news/info tips, training materials, banners, text links and click on "marketing tools" in your back office for more options.

6. What is the General Affiliate Link?

Your General Affiliate Link is the systems way of tracking your business on our site. All commissions are tracked and generated through this link ONLY (www.modernhealthcoach.com/affiliates/YourUserNameHere). This is how we track who to pay for affiliate generated sales. The General Affiliate Link is your special URL that links you to www.modernhealthcoach.com. When someone you referred uses this link to go to the website and makes a purchase you earn a commission.

You can embed your General Affiliate Link into any banner image of your design, might be worth it to pay someone to do this.Check back later for new MHC banners under construction. URL's for different banners are in your affiliate back office "Marketing" tab. Please note any material including banners and special links to websites and webpages require prior approval by MHC before implementation. Please submit your requests to affilaites@modernhealthcoach.com for review and approval.

7. What are my responsibilities?

As the affiliate it is your sole responsibility to market you General Affiliate Link, this is what earns you commissions. You are responsible for placing your General Affiliate Link anywhere of choice including website(s) and or webpage(s) (both requiring MHC prior approval) and other documentation and paying any fees associated with your choice of advertising. MHC allows you to link to just about anything on our site www.modernhealthcoach.com. It's up to you how many or how few links you include. It is your responsibility to share MHC products and services and to share your General Affiliate Link to generate sales and commission in a professional manner!

8. What are Modern Health Coach’s responsibilities?

MHC has created and operates the marketing platform www.modernhealthcoach.com, an online store with products services and information for you and your prospects to browse and purchases from, your General Affiliate Link is your front door key to our store.Modern Health Coach offers general support and marketing material to help you advertise. MHC is working on new banners for your display to post soon.It is not the responsibility of MHC or associates to post your link anywhere or pay any fees incurred for advertising your MHC General Affiliate Link, this is the sole responsibility of the affiliate.

MHC maintains www.modernhealthcoach.comand its products, inventory, customer orders, processes customer payments, ships product(s) or provides service(s), tracks and pays MHC affiliate commissions, and manages customer service. MHC also trains affiliates and offer support in their efforts. Additionally, you can contact us for further help at Affiliates@ModernHealthCoach.com.

9. How does Modern Health Coach.com track orders?

When a customer visits www.modernhealthcoach.comusing a MHC General Affiliate Link (www.modernhealthcoach.com/affiliates/YourUserNameHere) and purchases a product or service a commission is automatically generated for this affiliate link at checkout. MHC uses J-Rox affiliate tracking software to do this. All manufacturers are coded with specific commission percentages from 3-30%, therefore based on the items purchased commissions will reflect the precise commission dollar value based on these percentages, by manufacturer. During this process a 3% processing fee will be deducted from the net sale prior to calculating the commission. For example if there is a $100 sale with a 10% manufacturer’s commission. First $3 will be deducted for processing, therefore the commission will be based on 10% of $97.00.

10. What is the technology behind the tracking?

You will be credited for "cookied sales” within 365 days of an initial click from a potential customer using your General Affiliate Link. If a customer visits your General Affiliate Link and does not make a purchase at that time, but does however within 365 days from the initial visit from that very same computer and makes a purchase, the transaction will be credited to that General Affiliate Link thereby generating a commission for you.

However, there may be situations when a commission does not get generated. For example, if someone follows a link from an affiliates website or webpage to MHC.com, and browses but doesn't buy anything, then clears their cookies on their computer before returning to MHC.com and doesn’t use your General Affiliate Link, credit cannot be tracked and a commission cannot be generated. Or if a person does not re-enter your General Affiliate Link but instead types in just modernhealthcoach.com, this will override any previous links entered and a commission will not be generated.

11. How do I know I will be paid for my referral?

The program is powered by customized J-Rox Software out of Las Vegas, Nevada, a leading affiliate tracking software program and company. J-Rox uses combination of cookies and IP address to track referrals for best possible reliability. When the visitor follows your affiliate link to our site, our affiliate system registers this referral and places cookie on his or her computer. When the visitor pays for the product, affiliate system checks for cookie (if not found, checks for IP address of referral) and credits your account from 3-30% of the purchase value, minus 3% processing fee.
This process is absolutely automatic. All your referrals commission sales will be properly tracked.

J-Rox is used by thousands of Internet merchants and affiliates world-wide.

12. How much will I get paid?

If a customer comes to www.modernhealthcoach.comusing a General Affiliate Link either by entering in URL or clicking on a banner or advertisement with the General Affiliate Link (embedded into it) and makes a purchase within 365 days of initial visit using your link a commission is generated. MHC pays commissions based on manufacturer, ranging from 3% to 30 % on all MHC Products and Services.

13. When will I get paid?

Commissions are paid the 15th the following month from which it was generated for most manufacturers provided there is no 30 day manufacturer of MHC return policy. If a product that generated a commission is returned by the customer and the commission has already been paid to you, then we will deduct the corresponding commission amount from your next monthly payment. In the event that there is no subsequent payment, MHC reserve the right to invoice you for the commission on the returned item to be paid by to MHC.com upon receipt.

14. How is the payment handled?

You have a couple choices. MHC.com normal commission payouts are made via company check and mailed regular mail. If you prefer to receive your payment faster you may choose PayPal as your payment method of choice. Please note if you do choose to be paid commissions via PayPal there is a 3% PayPal fee that is based on the dollar amount of your payment. This fee will be deducted from your commission payment, MHC does not pay your PayPal transaction fee. Please indicate your payment preference in Profile section of you back office. Payments are issued in US dollars, and are paid once a month, on the 15th of each month for the previous month commissions earned.

There is a minimum payment value in the amount of $50. If commissions you earned do not meet the minimum of $50 there will be no commission payout to you for that given month. The commission will simply carry to a preceding commission payout period and paid once your commission value reaches or exceeds this $50 minimum.

15. Can I recruit others who are interested in becoming Modern Health Coach Affiliates?

Yes however you are better off selling to those people than signing them up. Right now the sign up link is not really being utilized in this program. We may use it for promotional ventures in the future.

There is no second tier in this program, so you will not earn off other affiliates that you signed up when they make sales.You do however have a General Affiliate Link which you can buy off of your own link. You have everything you need to move ahead in this business.

16. Should I mention Modern Health Coach on my website?

We're proud of our relationship with each of our affiliates. By downloading our logo, banners or buttons (when available), you add immediate brand recognition to your store. There are specific guidelines on how to identify yourself as an affiliate in our MHC AMP Official Rules & Policies Manual. You may NOT indicate that you are "part of" Modern Health Coach.com, "partners" with Modern Health Coach.com, or that you "work for” ModernHealthCoach.com or Modern Health Coach LLC. For a variety of legal reasons, it's very important that our relationship be properly represented on your web site. You must state that you are an "Independent Contractor” and once you have been approved as an affiliate you become an "Authorized Modern Health Coach Affiliate.”

17. Can I use the Modern Health Coach Name and logo on my site?

Yes in a tasteful manner, but you are not allowed under the trademark agreement to alter our logo in any way and adhere to the guidelines above and in the Modern Health Coach Affiliate Official Rules & Policies Manual.

18. Can I change the images provided by Modern Health Coach.com?

We have created some images for you that represent our brand name and logo in a consistent fashion, for you to use without (much) modification. Such images are ours and/or manufacturers copyrighted property. However, if you want to take other pictures and use them you must get written permit via email from MHC and the manufacturer of the product you wish to re shoot and publish.

19. Can I promote you through pay-per-click search engines?

Yes you can promote us through pay-per-click search engines. In fact, this type of promotion has become an increasingly popular way for affiliates promoting our products to make a good profit. Actually a lot of "normal" people make thousands and some people are making MILLIONS promoting other people's products.Why not you?

20. Can I link to your home page?

Yes that is the name of the game here. We will track sales that take place using your unique General Affiliate Link on www.ModernHealthCoach.com/affiliates/USERNAMEHERE/and will credit the commissions generated to your account as appropriate. Your general affiliate brings your customers to our MHC.com home/main page. MHC.com also has Category pages and Product pages in a 3 level deep website.

21. Can I list product prices?

If someone uses your General Affiliate Link they are directed to the MHC.com website where all products and services information and pricing is listed already and spelled out. However if you want to list prices you may, as long as they remain consistent with MHC.com prices and product descriptions. Affiliates who list prices on their site, run the risk of causing confusion for their customers, should our prices be different. We will only honor the prices listed in our store at MHC.com, according to our pricing policy. Should a price change occur MHC will NOT always send affiliates emails to advice of this change, so be sure to check www.modernhealthcoach.com website for current pricing on product and services or simply refer traffic to your General Affiliate Link where the information is current and accurate.

22. Can I take the order on my website?

No. The MHC AMP is part of our integrated J-Rox affiliate management and Zen Cart ordering software. By using our system to take orders, you ensure that your referrals get the most up-to-date information and ordering options available. In addition, a customer's contact and billing information is crucial to our ability to offer excellent customer service. Let the MHC AMP take care of everything, then enjoy activating the benefits of this unique marketing program opportunity.

Ask about Wholesaling if you want to take orders on your site and call 928.567.4042 or 1-844-MHC-4YOU (642-4968). We can discuss the various bulk discount rates by manufacturer and quantity desired.

23. What if I operate more than one web site?

You can have multiple sites under one affiliate account by simply embedding your unique General Affiliate Link in the banner or image button you create and post on those sites. MHC requires prior approval of such banner links prior to implementation. You will receive one commission check for all of your sites because you are using the same General Affiliate Link.

MHC suspects it is probable for you to have computer coding to determine which of your sites was creating traffic and doing business, Google Analytics is a great free source for tracking your online stores common information. MHC however will not be able to provide these sort of details for you. J-Rox does save hit counts which can be viewed in your back office dashboard. You should be able to create links specifically for each site and generate separate reports for each site. That linking computer work is on you and not MHC's responsibility, if your extra links do not work. MHC recommends using your General Affiliate Link for all sites and track between your sites another way.

Please send final draft and website links to MHC affilaites@modernhealthcoach.com for approval and/or comments. There will be a minimum 3-7 business day review/approval period.

24. How do I change my account information?

You can NOT change your USER NAME once selected. Most other Affiliate account information is changeable in your back office "Profile" section. Account information editing is available through your Affiliate Login at www.ModernHealthCoach.com. Click on the "Affiliates" button at top right of the MHC.com home page to login to your J-Rox back office anywhere anytime. Have your computer save your password and/or "favorites" in your web browser or write it down for best (re)access to your back office. You can change your password after using computer generated password after initial login.

25. Do you have any training program for affiliates?

Yes, watch the 3 Mandatory Training Videos on our MHC Affiliate Network YouTube Channel. Also the "Marketing" tab in your back office is loaded with cool advert options.Basics of affiliate marketing and most useful tips are described in your affiliate panel and above in the MHC AMP Official Rules & Policies Manual. You can find new tips and techniques also in our affiliate newsletter. Look the part, and research what you want to know by "Googling up" the key words.

26. What must I do NOW?

Few simple steps: 1 Go to www.modernhealthcoach.com, click on "Affiliate Program" sign in or enter new account details

2. Fill out the Affiliate signup form.Watch 3 Mandatory MHC Affiliate Network YouTube Channel training videos, send 3 passwords, complete, sign and email or mail in your W9 tax form so you can get paid!

3. Receive your computer generated password and welcome info by email.

4. Log in to your own affiliate back office dash board screen, find your General Affiliate Link and share it with everyone you know and are going to meet. You can also choose to utilize banners, text links, reviews and other promotional materials.

5. Make a QR code for your General Affiliate Link.Place this on hard copy marketing material, banners and other links possibly on the home page of your website (if you have one) and/or as many online and hard copy pages as you desire to help you generate sales. Your General Affiliate Link contained within various media methods can help drive your business up.

6. Receive 3% up to 30% commissions from every sale on 30 manufacturers all at MHC.com!