Upgraded Whey Protein (Grass Fed/Finished & Cool Processed)

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  • Model: Whey Protein (16 Oz.)
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Upgraded Whey Protein has up to 5 times the growth and immune stimulating proteins (IGG) as normal whey.


  • Increase Energy
  • Speed Recovery
  • Boost Immune System

Product Description:

  • 1 bag of Upgraded Whey Protein (16 oz)

Are you tired of not having time to prepare healthy protein for your paleo meals? Are you looking for a convenient way to pack pasture-raised paleo or Bulletproof foods when you travel? Are you looking for a way to strengthen immunity and grow more muscle?

Upgraded Whey is the answer.  Upgraded Whey is the result of years of testing ways to upgrade of the purest pasture-raised whey on earth.

Why Upgraded Whey Is Your Secret Weapon

Upgraded Whey protein changes the game and gives you an unfair advantage over your opponents. As an entrepreneur or a businessperson – it allows you to perform better at work by providing you with a fast source of nutrition. While others are hitting Burger King or subsisting on granola bars, you’ll be closing another big deal and finishing early. Whether you’re an athlete, parent, or frequent flyer, it is designed to speed recovery and boost your immune system so you can do more without getting sick. As a human being, Upgraded Whey works to turn you into a more powerful, more resilient person who can do more in less time.

Every whey protein claims to be the best. Here is what makes Upgraded Whey different.

  • It’s Bulletproof. We live this stuff every day because we love it, and it’s made for our own use. Integrity matters. We optimize every decision possible when we make something.
  • The cows that made the milk source of the whey come from herds that graze year round on pesticide and chemical free natural grass pastures.
  • The cows are never fed grain or any genetically modified organisms, and they are not exposed to growth hormone treatment, chemicals, antibiotics, or injected pathogens.
  • The native whey protein concentrate in Upgraded Whey maintains the fragile immune boosting components naturally present in fresh milk. It is made from fresh milk, unlike most whey which is obtained from a waste product of cheese manufacturing.
  • We use proprietary filtration and drying which involves minimal processing to ensure the whey is not subjected to unsafe temperatures that would destroy the original protein components. This whey is not micro filtered, hydrolyzed, cross-flow filtered, or ion exchanged because those methods denature the original proteins.
  • There are no antibiotics, xenoestrogens, or rBGH to make you fat and sick.
  • The whey concentrate in Upgraded Whey boosts your glutathione levels which makes you more resilient to pollutants, stress, and toxins.
  • Colostrum is included to give you an added boost of growth and immune factors five times stronger than normal whey.
  • There are no added fillers to cut the cost and waste your money. Upgraded Whey contains only the best ingredients to fuel your body and mind for peak performance.
  • Coconut MCT powder gives you a sustained burst of energy for maximum mental capacity.
  • The price is ridiculously low so you can get the highest quality whey protein available without going broke.



We start with the finest pasture-raised non-denatured whey protein concentrate made from milk (not cheese by-products). Then we add powdered coconut MCT oil (medium chain triglyceride) to boost energy levels and make you feel satisfied for far longer than you’d expect. We finish it off by adding pasture-raised colostrum to boost IGGs.

The end result is Upgraded Whey, which has up to 5 times the growth and immune stimulating proteins (IGG) as normal whey.

Added Bonuses of Colostrum in Upgraded Whey

The third pillar of Upgraded Whey is an impeccable pasture-raised bovine colostrum that has not been damaged by heat or processing. Because of this high quality processing, our colostrum is even more powerful and packed with beneficial vitamins, minerals, enzyme, amino acids, and anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. These unique components of our colostrum can be linked to accelerated tissue repair, the production of bone and muscle mass, and overall weight loss. These same components are also known to help regulate elements within the immune system.

Why Pasture-Raised Whey Protein Makes you Feel Healthier and More Rejuvenated

Pasture-raised animals are healthier, stronger, and more nutritious than grain-fed. They contain more immune stimulating compounds, which keep you healthy and disease free. Upgraded Whey is more nutritious than regular whey, and will help add protein to your diet. The extra boost of nutrients and growth factors will improve your entire day.

Why rBGH, Antibiotic and Pesticide Free Whey is Better for You

The cows that produce our whey are free from genetically modified (or any other kind) rBGH which is used in the vast majority of other whey proteins. By feeding the cows pesticide-free and chemical-free fresh grass instead of grains, the whey stays free from hormone disrupting chemicals. Since the cows aren’t treated with antibiotics or rBGH, they produce stronger immune supporting compounds which are transferred into the whey. The result is a more potent, higher quality whey designed to keep you healthy, focused, and strong.

Proprietary Filtering and Drying for Full Power

Most whey proteins are processed under high heat and pressure. This denatures the proteins and produces an inferior product. Our proprietary filtration and drying process protects the whey from unsafe temperatures that would destroy the original protein components. Whole whey proteins can boost your immune system and increase your glutathione levels, which make you more resilient to infection, stress, and toxins. This whey is not micro filtered, hydrolyzed, cross-flow filtered, or ion exchanged because those methods denature the original proteins.


None of the Bad Sweeteners or Other Junk
Unlike most whey protein powders, Upgraded Whey contains no high fructose corn syrup, fake sweeteners, natural or artificial flavors, dyes, or colorings. These ingredients sneak into other products that claim to be "healthy."

Ingredients: Proserum whey protein concentrate, bovine colostrum, medium chain triglycerides, tapioca dextrin, tapioca.  Contains: Milk

Shelf Life: 18 months

Upgraded Whey Protein



Why Happy Cows Make a Happy, Healthy You

When cows are stressed, they don’t produce the same quality milk. By making sure the cows producing Upgraded Whey are treated well, you get more nutritious whey protein.

Why Upgraded Whey Doesn’t Give You an Upset Stomach

Low-grade whey proteins are notorious for giving you bloating, gas, and stomach discomfort. Upgraded Whey is made with the finest pasture-raised whey concentrate, which is easily digested and can actually contribute to gut health. With Upgraded Whey, you won’t have to endure nausea (or worse) after downing your post-workout shake.

Why Upgraded Whey Tastes Better than the Stuff You’re Using

Over-processing denatures the proteins and makes your whey taste rancid and gritty. Upgraded Whey uses the gentlest methods possible for a protein powder with a rich, creamy flavor and a smooth, decadent consistency. Kids can drink it without any flavor or sweetener added!

Why Vegetarians and Animal Lovers Shouldn’t Feel Guilty using Upgraded Whey

Most whey protein is taken from grain-fed cows. Feeding grain to cows makes them sick. This means they have to inject the cows with antibiotics to support their weak immune systems. Upgraded Whey only comes from pasture-raised cows who are treated humanely. The cows are fed their natural diet (grass) and treated with care, so you can drink Upgraded Whey knowing the cow is just as happy as you are.

How Upgraded Whey Saves You Money

Preparing healthy meals isn’t always convenient. If you aren’t always stocked with pasture-raised meat and vegetables, Upgraded Whey provides you with a fast alternative that is almost as good as a real meal. Upgraded Whey fills you with sustained energy and satisfaction so you won’t feel depraved and reach for junky alternatives. One 1-pound container of Upgraded Whey has as much protein as 8 pounds of pasture-raised steak. You would spend at least $100 to buy this much protein in the form of pasture-raised meat, and the meat wouldn’t have the immune stimulating IGG we’ve built in to Upgraded Whey.

How Coconut MCT Powder Upgrades Your Mind and Body

Your body loves healthy fats. By including coconut MCT powder, Upgraded Whey protein gives you a boost of energy and a shot of brain fuel. The coconut MCT powder keeps you full and satisfied throughout the day. It also assists in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins so you get more nutrition from your whey protein.

Why Upgraded Whey Makes Desserts and Recipes a Snap

Looking for something to add some fullness to homemade ice cream, or give some flavor to a smoothie? Instead of using low quality dairy or dealing with the hassle of preparing a coconut, use a few scoops of Upgraded Whey to make your dessert into an energizing food in no time. With Upgraded Whey, you can make delicious food and have time to enjoy it with those you love.

Why Upgraded Whey is NOT Hydrolyzed

Hydrolyzed dairy protein powder is inferior to the intact protein molecules found in Upgraded Whey. They're poorly absorbed, they taste awful, and they cost several times more. Upgraded Whey is more bioavailable and is absorbed easily by your body to fuel muscle growth and support your immune system.

Come check out our sources and learn more about the benefits of Upgraded Whey!



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