Circulatory Flow Essential Oil Blend (15mL)

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Circulatory Flow contains 100% pure & natural essential oils of Frankincense (Somalia), Myrrh (Somalia), Sweet Marjoram (France), Juniper Berry (USA) infused in Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO) to be applied to the skin for refreshment after shower. Recharge!

~ Upfresh Your Senses ~

Unlock a spring breeze of freshness beneath your feet or after a shower to uplift your life. This formula carefully crafts a high yet deep combination of juniper berries, sweet marjoram, frankincense & myrrh. The balance is truly impressive fresh & clear owing to the juniper matching with the sweet marjoram.

Frankincense elevates the blend to a higher level with just a hint of myrrh swirled to a perfect finish. Juniper is known to stimulate the kidneys and lymph system and may help in the elimination of toxins. Marjoram is truly calming, refreshing and adds a whole other layer to the juniper berries. This formulas adds a nourishing element during a hot day as a skin pat or after a nice shower.

Try it and love it ~ Wonderful to apply to hands and enjoy deep inhalations through the palms. Rub it over the body as a rejuvenatory reset to the system when needed. Great for restorative massage when used at appropriate dilution.



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