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  • Model: E.M.F. Body Guard
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The Quantumly Computerized Holographic Information Programs (Q-CHIP) EMF Body Guard contains 300 protection codes tunings to help guard against (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) EMF and modern on-grid, wi-fri world side effects.

Simply place these EMF Body Guards stickers on yourself and your phone or other portable electronic devices and major appliances to help reduce EMF Radiation  "dirty electricity" exposure.

The EMF Body Guard (inverse frequency) helps cancel out most of the harmful bandwidth of EMF waves coming from your cell phone and other typical devices and maybe some nationwide electro-smog. EMF radiation is a serious health threat and you should take some forms of protection. Wi-fri?

According to MHC and others, EMF Radiation exposure is the next rash of lawsuits coming just like cigarette smoke and asbestos was in the 80's and 90's.  Do not radiate your head and body anymore than it is already being radiated from dirty electricity and EMF Radiation throughout this planet...

Purchase your EMF Body Guard and help reduce your EMF Radiation exposure.

For best results wear your Q-CHIPs on your person throughout the day and place them under your drinks and food for a few minutes before consuming.



MHC makes no claims as to the effects of these energy holograms.  Energy Holograms are scientific experimental devices, & sold for informational purposes only.



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