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Alchemedix's ORMUS 16 ounce bottle 
Have you ever heard of ORMUS?

You probably have.  Ever heard of the Philosopher's Stone? What about the Elixir of Life, Chi, Biblical Manna, Prana, Shewbread, or King Solomon's Gold?  How about the Fountain of Youth? There are those who believe that all of these are in some way references to ORMUS. In modern times, scientists and others have call it ORMUS, ORME, M-State elements or Monatomic minerals. Many of the stories in lore talked about this family of materials that were sought by alchemists, wizards, witches, mystics, sages, priests, monks, etc. to heal and advance humanity's, and there own, physical and spiritual evolution. It was believed in theory and by lore that ORMUS is present in all life forms; its resonant properties integral to the function of the earth and all its inhabitants.

So lets get scientific. What exactly is ORMUS, really?

In ORMUS theory, ORMUS is a state of matter.  It is created when a very specific window in the physical world opens, in which light, or 4th dimensional matter, can become semi-stable so that it can be utilized by physicality. ORMUS is like a hybrid of 3rd dimensional physicality and 4th dimensional quantum physicality, so by definition, it is something like 3.5 dimensional matter. It appears, in one context, in the element of earth form as semi-super conducting minerals. In standard science, we have minerals in an elemental form. In ORMUS theory, there is an ORMUS state or 3.5 dimensional upgraded form for all of the standard elemental forms. For Example:  There is standard elemental Calcium and Magnesium, or 3rd dimensional physical Elemental Calcium and Magnesium form, and there is ORMUS Calcium and Magnesium, or 3.5 dimensional, upgraded, light hybrid, Calcium and Magnesium form.  There is standard elemental Gold, Silver, Copper and Platinum, and ORMUS Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum; and so on and so forth for all of the Elements on the periodic table.

ORMUS in the element of earth form, when made by the wet method, is extracted from high quality sea salts, and because salt crystals are a crystal, they hold quantum physical charge;  a quantum physical charge that sometimes has been infused by solar and lunar light for millions of years before they're ever consumed by any life form or human beings. Sea salt also has the extra bonus of a full spectrum of elemental mineral content; the ocean covers 75% of the surface of the planet, eroding many varieties of rocks, and ocean water is constantly mixing together which in turn creates a very balanced spectrum of bio available mineral nutrition.

ORMUS or ORME elements are identified by their M-state, or monatomic form, which suggests that they are found as a singular atom and do not require to share or exchange electrons with other atoms to become stable. It's almost as if they are upgraded to 3.5 dimensional state and so become more independent.  The reason they can do this is because in theory, ORMUS atoms' electrons show more of the characteristics of photons, or light particles, or a hybrid of light and physical, and in that context they are not bound or can bend the laws of electron stability.

So, why Alchemedix's ORMUS - Elixir of the Element of Earth?

Alchemedix Elixir of the Element of Earth is a high quality wet method sea salt extract, using only select sea salts from around the globe, that contains a full spectrum, bio-available, 72+/- elemental mineral composition, and 72+/ Ormus minerals. It is made with a proprietary final purification and consecration process, and is washed seven times instead of the standard three to ensure one of the highest quality of Ormus, and one of the most bio-available forms of Elementology today.  Many have reported that our elite product creates more of a feeling of general well being, or higher conciousness states than the standard Ormus products available worldwide.  We believe that this is due to its extremely high nutritional density rating.

Did you say "Elementology?" What is that?

In theory, Elementology is the study of and the application of giving the body all of the elements on the periodic table so that it has everything available to it to create any form of nutrition or chemistry that is needed to sustain optimal health, infrastructure, and life support efficiency. Elemental minerals make up the majority of Elementology. The rest of Elementology is made up of the gases that we breathe, such as Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, etc. It has been recorded in some research that Elemental minerals alone are commonly accepted in the holistic and nutritional fields as the most important nutrients to the human body, and a lack of minerals in one's diet may be the leading cause of diseases in society today.  We find it interesting that in most traditional holistic and nutritional fields today, the greater majority of the protocols offered are based in supplementing some form of chemistry (Vitamin, Enzyme, Omega Fatty Acids, etc.). Elementology takes it to the next level; a more "micro-versal" level by offering the body every Element on the periodic table to give it the opportunity to create any form of chemistry it needs.

Okay, so how else does ORMUS Elementology benefit me?

ORMUS elemental therapy opens up a whole new level to the healing power of mineral nutrition with light feeding, upgrading , and healing the 4th dimensional light body.  This gives a whole new meaning to the word Electrolyte or "Electric Light". There are those that believe that the 4D holographic light world, or the angelic world, plays a major role in the creation of the 3D, or physical, world by acting to some degree like an operating system on a computer for the 3D world. Many healers say that by healing your light body, you will manifest an optimal physical body, or that light body activation is the true path to enlightenment.   When in turn if your light body becomes unhealthy or energetically blocked, then the physical body may see or experience some form of disease. In short, ORMUS minerals are a nutrient for the physical body, along with the light body, and reaching a level of enlightenment may be as simple as just putting ORMUS light into our bodies.

Written by Ariella Mirvis and Osiris Ra


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