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MHC will select the best method and materials, considering your current bed frame, to raise the head of your bed 6.5 inches. This makes your body lie at a 5 degree angle head high, which is called "Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT)". 

I've been sleeping great since doing this and it helps with my post surgery pains.  IBT was introduced to me early in 2006. I was skeptical when I first heard about it, but after reading what other qualified therapists were reporting, I had to give it a try. IBT is a safe, well tested and a unique way to improve one's health and lower pain by altering the functional structure of the body (nice and slowly) and improve the metabolic detox system. It achieves this via a few changes it makes in your body. 
The low level gentle traction (that the body's own weight provides) elongates the skeletal and soft tissue fascia, providing a return of tissue hydration and improved elasticity. Fluid pathways and networks within the body get a real boost from this action (6 to 8 hours per day, for as long as you sleep). Disc's between each spinal vertebrae will re-hydrate more efficiently, so good-bye to most back issue blues. An environment now exists in the spine that promotes nerve pathways to regrow and heal. Toxic and clean fluids are kept moving due to a unique and recently discovered new law of physics founded by Andrew Fletcher from the UK. The first urination in the morning will prove this. Sleeping inclined will see a greater acidic pH urine than when sleeping horizontal. This is your body expelling quite large levels of toxic fluids each morning that would otherwise remain in the body and damaging your cells. 
The really good news about IBT is its low cost, All posts supporting your bed will need blocks to support the bed. If your bed has center support posts and you do no support them, then your bed make break. Best bed frames for IBT are termed (post beds) and have just 4 posts in each corner. These bed are of strong design, and quite cheap making an ideal incline bed frame for your mattress. 
Benefits To You ... 
  • Damaged spinal cord repair - from wheel chair to walking. 
  • MS, Parkinson's, Hashimotor's and Arthritis improvements. 
  • Huge detox to the body, this has been verified via client response to lymphatic massage (clients on IBT no-longer display symptoms of toxin flush) when they are sleeping incline. 
  • Sleep right through the night. 
  • Breathing problems eliminated, sleep apnea, snoring, cot deaths resolved. Provides Fascia Trauma Unwinding - Check the Myofascial Release menu. 
  • Absolutely incredible how this function of Inclined Bed Therapy operates. If you want to feel young, pain free, energised and in good health, give this a go. 
  • Bones actually grow longer, you will grow taller. 
  • Balances the pelvic girdle and addresses Scoliosis/Kyphosis/Lordosis and Dowager's hump problems. 
  • Never be cold again in Winter, IBT keeps the body metabolism ticking along. You will get hotter in Summer, so take off the extra covers. 
  • Clients with high blood pressure have seen their blood pressure normalize after a few months. 
  • Nightly dreams become lucid (may be a product of lower toxins in the body and elevated oxygen levels). 
  • Your heart wont work as hard, now this is going to extend life. 
  • Type II Diabetic sufferers have experienced a normalizing of their blood glucose levels. 
  • Oedema problems resolved. 
Incline the bed from the head and be surprised by the results. A most common report is that sleeping incline feels more natural than sleeping flat. People after sleeping incline for a few months are never happy going back to sleeping horizontal. This is very addictive. A message to smokers! For the first few weeks, may be a month, you will start coughing when you get out of bed in the morning, and this may pass after half an hour or so. This is IBT repairing your lungs. The increased humidity in your lungs and respiration improvements will provide an opportunity for your body to help repair damage done from smoking. IBT will also make it easier to kick the habit and for you to enter the wellness zone.
The best part is, it is free. Just a few blocks of wood under your bed. Always start out at 3 or 4 inches, then work up to 6 to 8 inches incline. As a therapist, I am staggered at the benefits provided. E-mail MHC, I'd loved to hear from you.


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