FRESCA Nectar Mineral Bath Booster


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Fresca means FRESH! Instantly soothe sore muscles and purify the skin with this body scrub / bath tonic. Deodorant, relieves bronchial congestion, balances skin moisture, anti-bacterial, antiviral, exfoliant, stimulates circulation and cellular regeneration, smoothes cellulite, anti-inflammatory, cicatrizant (scar healing), and balances minerals in body and skin moisture. 

Monsoon Nectar Pure Botanical Moisturizers Formulated for Potency and Efficacy. Healing / aromatherapeutic, contains essential oils, and botanical ingredients, 100% naturally pure and biodegradable.  Contains no chemicals or synthetic ingredients and uses recyclable / reusable packaging.

7 oz. crystals
Salts: Epson salts, Dead Sea salt, didentric salt
Essential Oils: menthol crystals, litsea may chang, palma rosa, tea tree
Aroma: concentrated, lemony, minty, fresh
A totally unique, sensational experience in the bath. Instantly soothe sore muscles and purify the skin with this body scrub / bath tonic. Apply to wet skin. Test your sensitivity to the warming and cooling action by applying 1 mini scoop to lower legs first. The crystals dissolve instantly into a tonic as you massage and spread over your skin moving up your legs. Decide if you need another mini scoop for the upper body or just keep spreading what is on your hands. Comes with mini scoop.
Scrub Mix with High Desert Defense Antioxidant Moisturizer to slough away dead skin, particularly on the feet, legs, elbows, and hands.
Treatment During a bath apply a few mini scoops directly to your body (i.e. sore shoulder or achy calf) and let the booster melt into your skin and soothe sore muscles.
Tonic Add 5-8 mini scoops into bath to purify and soothe the skin.
Therapeutic Dissolve 5-10 mini scoops into your bath with 2 cups of your
own Epson salt.




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