Green Tea Galangal Nectar Exfoliating Mask


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Exfoliate and stimulate the skin while brightening to the complexion. Granular texture melts into Beauty Bar or Madagascar cleanser.  Firm and tighten the skin while hydrating. Skin becomes supple and smooth. Repairing, particularly to sun damaged skin. Phytonutrients enhance skin own natural capabilities of handling sun exposure.

Benefits: clarity, brightness, even skin tone, healing, moisturizing and hydrating, firming and toning. 

Monsoon Nectar Pure Botanical Moisturizers Formulated for Potency and Efficacy. Healing / aromatherapeutic, contains essential oils, and botanical ingredients, 100% naturally pure and biodegradable.  Contains no chemicals or synthetic ingredients and uses recyclable / reusable packaging.

7 oz. powder
Botanicals: green tea extract and Thai ginger, Sucrose
Aroma: green tea, vanilla


Comes with mini scoop. DO NOT MIX WITH WATER!  Dark green or brown depending on the harvest, this mask can be a little messy but worth it. GTGEM is best used in the shower or bath for easy clean up. This mask is very different and can be used with Neutral Beauty Bar or Madagascar Nourishing Cleanser!

Mix in a bowl with a fan application brush or soft make-up brush:

1 pump Madagascar. Dampen brush and froth into a lather. Add 1 mini scoop Green Tea Mask and whip into mask. Apply to skin. Allow to set up 5 minutes or longer. Rinse/remove with hot towel.


Use mini scoop to scape a shaving of Neutral Beauty Bar and place in bowl. Add water and whip into a cream with brush. Add 1 mini scoop Green Tea mask stir until blended. Apply to skin. Allow to set up 5 minutes or longer. Rinse/remove with hot towel.


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