Water Blessing Labels - Add Intention to mirrors, windows, cups

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Energize your Water and Life with the Power of Intention.  Words have deeper meaning than most realize.  Put the power of word's emotion to work super structuring your water to assist in your highest good.

Transform your water into Liquid Prayers What if manifesting dreams was as easy as drinking water? It is! Harness the sacred power of words to create the life you want. Place on your water bottle or drink container. Intention helps create new habits, dreams, health, love, peace, joy, and personal power.What you create for yourself, you create for the whole world. Water has many unique and mysterious physical qualities and there is no other substance quite like it.Dr Masaru Emoto has shown that molecules of water are affected by our thoughts, words and emotions. Through this highly visual technique he has shown to the world that the energy vibrations change the form of water crystals. Positive words and images create beautiful crystal forms and the negative creates distorted crystals (quantum pollution). These findings gave rise to the HADO theory. Dr Emoto’s experiments suggest that water has an inherent spirit within it. We are 70% water and are primarily alive because of water. Within the human environment, water itself becomes a living form. The spirit within us is ultimately linked with the spirit of water itself. In this context, water occupies a unique and distinctive place within our living form and is to be cherished. It is part of human nature to want to be happy. Dr Emoto’s experiments with water help guide us to the conclusion that to be happy we need to look internally and cultivate positive thinking. Francesco Cavalli-Sforza explains that ‘Happiness does not come automatically… In order to become happy, we have to learn how to change our selves’.

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