Earth Sensing and Clearing Tool Kit


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  • Model: Earth Sensing and Clearing Kit
  • Shipping Weight: 2lbs
  • Manufactured by: Lemurian Healing Tools


Product Description

(1 set) Dowsing Rods
Handmade from Brass

(1) Pendulum

(1)  Omega Symbol (for blocking geopathic stress)
After dowsing with your Pendulum Or Rods, you can block the geopathic stress by placing the Omega device over the stress path (centered).  This will divert the impacting energy

(1) Geobuster
Based on Tesla’s research and the concept of natural energy flow, the power coil (the copper wire  wrapped around the top of the GEOBUSTER) pulls positive power in from the Earth and transmits it down the sides of the triangle. The twisted wire that makes up the structure of the
unit helps to increase and direct the flow of power. This natural energy serves to push the Geopathic Stress away.


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