MHC's Deep Detox & Renewal Kit

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  • Model: MHC's Deep Detox & Renew Kit
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Decades of the Standard American Diet (SAD), weaponized food, toxins from the air, soil, groundwater, oceans and in your house, and under yoiur kitchen sink have the average persons TOXIC BURDEN is chock full and your body can't do what it needs to with all the CRAP in the way.  So lets get your 75 trillion cells glowing and going.  First we take out the bad (crap stuck in your body) and second we put in the good.  Lets focus on the following products to get the impacted toxic material out of your body when used properly and in conjunction over a period of weeks and months.

The MHC Deep Detox "Cellular Hygiene" Kit includes:


All this Totals to $428.79 in MHC's already reduced retail from Amabaya Gold and Health Force Nutritionals prices listed on this Kit.

MHC's price on this robust detox package is just $395

Order now and MHC will provide instructions on how to best take the following throughout the day included FREE.

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