Gold Ormus Liquid 30 ppm in a 16 oz. Bottle


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Gold – The King

Gold is used in electronics to conduct sensitive areas because it is considered by some to be the ideal conductor of electricity. Gold, platinum, and other minerals are combined into alloys making some of the best semi super-conductors in the world. In alchemy, Ayurveda, holistic, and other ancient traditions it is written in some texts that gold is used as a mineral supplement to enhance the conductivity of the body; most importantly, the brain.  Some have said that they think that they perceive that gold creates a calming effect, possibly a raise in IQ, raise in conscious awareness, increased dreaming and depth in sleep with more vivid and lucid dreams, and may enhance many different categories of brain function and other electrical systems of the body including the nerve system, endocrine system and the DNA. In the context of the DNA, there are those that believe that gold and platinum are used to raise the regeneration factor of DNA by re-conducting certain area that have been damaged by free radicals, creating a longevity effect and possibly becoming a powerful weapon against cancer and many forms of degenerative disease.


Here in the good ole United Corporation of America, the common good is warped by the FDA and AMA and the powers that be. Who makes their doctors only prescribe drugs, surgery or radiation.Further i am bound to begrudgingly make this disclaimer statrement:
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Our services and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or in any way prevent any disease. If required see your physician.


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