100% Absorbable Magnesium Spray-On Bottle

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90% of people are deficient in Magnesium it is the #1 Mineral deficiency in the world! 

Mg is involved in over 300+ chemical processes. Mg is really helpful for sugar cravings. 
The pure salt of magnesium enhanced with Ambaya Gold's ORME Energy Technology™, provides an advanced and soothing body spray - its unique delivery system is designed for highly effective and virtually instant absorption. Primordial Magnesium Oil Spray uses the following technologies: ORME ORME Energy Technology™ Mono Atomic Elements Ionic Minerals *Many also use our Super-Conductive Ionic Minerals™ and/or Essence of Life™ formulas in addition to the Primordial Magnesium Oil Spray. Suggested Use: 1 spray under each armpit and in the crook of each arm, then gently rub in. Use twice daily. Ingredients: Primordial monatomic chloride, monatomic fulvic minerals, pyridoxine HCL, monatomic indium, ascorbic acid, aloe vera, methylsulfonymethane, plant based phytonutrients.


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