SHADEN® 2K11 Combo Unit (Water & Air)


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  • Model: SHADEN® 2K11 Combo Unit
  • Shipping Weight: 10lbs
  • Manufactured by: O3 Systems


Product Description Combination Ozone Water Purifier & Air Ionizer in one compact powerful Unit.

Designed for home use to sanitize your water & air quickly & efficiently.Text Box:  Benefit is of the SHADEN ® Negative Ionization Feature: Using the SHADEN ® 2K11 auto energy conversion system eliminates harmful particles in the air, creating negative ionization which reduces discomfort and enhances resistance.

Eliminates cigarette smoke odors, pet odors, dust particles and mildew from even the corners of the room and also inhibits bacteria left behind by garbage.

Maintains clean air throughout the house and keeps infectious germs away from children. After cleaning the house, open the windows to release floating dust and use the SHADEN ® 2K11 negative oxygen ion output to refresh the air and the ozone output feature to eliminate odors.

Effectively reduces ammonia fumes and other bathroom odors. Watch this video below for more info on this great product!


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