Sound Massage & Plasma Tube Frequencies 7 Chakra Sequence

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  • Model: sound & frequency 7 chakra sets
  • Manufactured by: Modern Health Coach LLC


Receive the best frequencies for you! The 7 Chakra or energy centers of your body from Root to Crown, MHC runs the rainbow with you. Dual infusion 7 Chakra sequence is done with tuning fork sound baths and 2 hand held Rife plasma ray tubes, will stimulate and align your bodily, energetic and spiritual systems to help improve your health and overall well being.  Get atoned and ring true 7 levels deep!  Let MHC jump start your reprogramming and ascension process with the best of Sound and frequency energy Work going today.  No one else is doing dual frequency infusion sessions quite like this cool 

Your hour long session will consist of 9 Solfeggio frequencies delivered to you for 6 minutes each in both sound bath and hand-held ray tube frequencies, for maximum absorption to induce healing and for your advancement and higher atonement 

MHC delivers both very strong hand held Rife ray-tube frequencies, that you hold on your body and head WHILE receiving the sacred sounds of the tuning forks, that MHC weaves around your energetic body.You lay on the massage table face up with knees supported and body relaxed in a private room in your home or mine. 

MHC is generous sharing with practical tips, tricks and wisdom to expedite your healing process.

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