5 Element Balance ~ Color, Sound and Vibration Tuning


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Color and Sound Therapy is a simple and effective alternative holistic therapy. Colors and Sounds are in essence energy, which is measured in frequencies (sine waves measured in Hertz), and felt as vibrations.  Your 7 energy centers (or chakras) resonate at specific frequencies in your body, this corresponds to your 7 endocrine glands that regulate life and your hormones that make you feel life . 


The session begins by assessing your weakest chakras via kinesilogy/ muscle testing and or dowsing and a conversation.  Colored pieces of paper are looke at for varying times, using the colors of the rainbow ROY G BIV.  The colors range from red at your root chakra through violet at your crown.  You also receive chakra tuning forks in two ways, with deep vibration on specific bones, and also enjoy the pulsing sound waves both atoning your energy zones toward their natural resonate state.


Everything is energy, and everything has its’ unique signature resonate frequency. The earth is 7.83 Hertz (Hz) Love is 528 Hz, minerals, organs, colors and diseases all operate at specific frequencies.  It’s been documented by several researchers since the 1930s.


When working with the tuning forks, you can hear disharmony in certain body locations, audibly harmonize out (and not sound so out of tune).  Just let the sounds and vibes ring true to your energy potential.   Thereby you regain equilibrium in that region and overall in time. 



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