Lyme Away (Deer Tick Destroyer)


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MHC East Coast Exclusive!

Lyme Away Energy Hologram contains 235 frequency codes to help remove Lyme Disease from your body.  Deer ticks cause lyme disease. Deer ticks are very prevalent anywhere deer live mainly in the north eastern part of the country. 

If you want to get rid of lyme disease you have to attack all stages of the deer ticks life: egg, larvae, pupa, and adult.  This Energy Hologram Lyme Away has 235 frequency codes in one Quantum card.  We have the codes and run the inverse frequency to energetically help nullify those intrinsic data fields surrounding the Lyme carrying ticks.

Simply place the hologram under your water, beverages and food for two minutes before consuming. Also make sure to wear the Lyme Away Energy Hologram on your person (pocket, purse, bra, sock) throughout the day.  The intrinsic data in the Energy Hologram emits frequencies within a field that when used daily wil help to combat deer ticks in all stages of their life. 


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