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The Shakti Mat is a portable bed of nails.  Don't worry it is tough love not sadastic, and you acclimate quickly.  It's used to relieve pain, promote relaxation and help with a range of health problems including insomnia, pain relief and recovery from injury. 

It is very popular in Sweden where it is used by an estimated well over 10% of the population. How the mat works: “From a physical viewpoint the points on the discs stimulate the body to release endorphins – a family of neuropeptides concentrated in the pituitary gland and hypothalamus involved with pain relief. These endorphins are the body’s response to stress and help determine mood. Membrane receptors for endorphins are found in large quantities in the pain pathways of the nervous system. The release of endorphins triggers a self-healing mechanism in the body and blocks pain. The result is a sense of deep relaxation and well-being, even high levels of happiness.” 
Use of the Shakti mat also prompts the body to release a range of other calming hormones and it increases the circulation of blood and lymph. This too has a detoxifying, stimulating and healing effect. Finally, the mat stimulates acupressure points which are linked up all over our body via a meridian system. Stimulating one set of acupressure points will link up to other parts of your body so by using the Shakti Acupressure Mat you give yourself and acupressure treatment by default. Clearly using the Shakti Mat is not the same as seeing a reflexologist – it is a more generalised treatment but none-the-less valid. To enhance your use of the Shakti Acupressure Mat (bed of Nails) a series of articles will be made available on the site about reflexology and acupressure. 
The Experience Here is what happens for me when I use the Shakti mat. At first I don’t feel too much and then a tingling starts. Then the tingling morphs into a painless throbbing sensation with heat and I can feel the blood pulsating close to the surface of my skin. It is amazing. After that – the sensation morphs again into relaxation and a nice floaty feeling kicks in. Then I just stay with that for as long as time permits. I feel a bit silly saying it but it really is amazing and soooo relaxing. What I LOVE about the mat: It works!!! pure and simple. It is portable, kids love it, everyone that has used it has had a positive reaction. It allows/enable all of us to help ourselves – whether with a medical problem or stress relief/relaxation.
It has no moving parts so it is durable! You won’t need to buy an upgrade or new model or anything like that and it’s cost effective. For the cost of one chiropractic/osteopathic/massage treatment you have the mat for life. In real terms, using the Shakti Acupressure Mat will save you money because you will spend less (no?) money on other aids eg pain killers etc. And regular use of the mat will contribute to your overall health. At the most basic level regular use will reduce your accumulated stress and reduce any reliance you may have on pain killers – your liver and pocket book will love you. Regular use of the mat will also help with the rest of your life – by relieving the effects of any problems you will feel better and so be better. More profound relaxation will also assist you with any subliminal/affirmation/visualisation work you may be doing or are contemplating. The benefits just go on and on. 
How to use the Shakti Mat? Place your Shakti Mat on a bed or other soft surface. A neck pillow or a rolled-up towel should be placed underneath your Shakti Mat to support your neck. Lie in a comfortable position so that your skin rests in contact with the acupressure points. Relax and breathe deeply. If your skin is very sensitive, you may want to start out with a thin cloth between yourself and the mat. This will, however, lessen the effect of the treatment. Initially, 10-15 minutes on the mat may be enough, but you can gradually increase your sessions to 20-40 minutes. It is not harmful to spend more time on the mat or even to fall asleep on the mat. Use it whenever you have time and feel the urge - preferably every day, if possible! Rest or only moderate activity is recommended after each session, so as not to disrupt the flow of the released energy. You can use your Shakti Mat to re-energize and refresh yourself any time, even during a short break at work! You will soon find that you may feel less stressed and more efficient at carrying out your tasks. As with any therapy or exercise, regularity is the key to success! We recommend daily use of the Shakti Mat for optimum results. With regular use, deep, chronic tension and stress can be released and you can experience a long-lasting sense of ease and well-being.
The History of the bed of nails Origin The nail bed is an ancient tool with its roots in Indian mysticism. With its origin, dating back thousands of years, the bed of nails is a well tested tool for healing the body and releasing emotional, physical and mental block- ages. It has been use by Indian yogis (yoga practitioners) thoughout time to attain perfection of body and mind. The bed of nails was, on the contrary to popular belief, not a "macho toy" for the Indian fakir to prove resistance to pain. The true purpose of the bed of nails was misunderstood by media and the general public due to the seclusion and reticence of the yogis. The Chinese scriptures which date back more than 4000 years tell us about treatments with nails to balance body and mind. No one knows for sure when the bed of nails was first used to heal the body and raise consciousness. An approximate estimate is at least several thousand years. 
Questions and Answers
Is it painful to use the Shakti Acupressure Mat?
During first few minutes it's common to feel a pricking warm sensation on the areas being affected. But all pain or discomfort is quickly replaced by a pleasant feeling of relaxation.
For how long and how often can I lie on the Shakti Acupressure Mat?
We suggest that you start with 15 minutes. When more accustomed to the Shaktimat 20-40 minutes per session is standard. However, it is not dangerous to exceed the time limit. Many people fall asleep on the mat and that is perfectly safe. We recommend regular, if possible daily use.
How is the body affected by the Shakti Mat?It is possible that the Shakti Mat can contribute to the following: Decrease in pain Dissolving stress Increases metabolism Decreases inflammation Can the Shakti Mat be washed?
Yes, when needed you can handwash the mat using detergent in luke- warm water. Allow to hang and drip dry. Avoid washing machines and tumble dryers as the plastic points may get damaged.
Is the Shakti Mat only to be used on the back? Nerves branch out from the back to the rest of the body, which means that a back treatment effects the whole body. However, the mat can be used on specific 'problem areas' of the body. (see "How do I use the Shakti Mat?").
Is it appropriate for children to use the Shakti Mat?
Children tend to like it a lot. They calm down and relax. Try using it at bedtime.
Can people with heart problems use the Shakti Mat?
We cannot recommend the usage to this particular group of people. Always consult your physician if you have a heart related disease, before using the Shakti Mat.
Is it good for pregnant women to use the Shakti Mat?
We do not recommend it for pregnant women. Always consult your midwife before using the Shakti Mat, if you are pregnant.
Can I use the Shakti Mat if I have a skin disease? The points may feel irritating to sensitive or inflamed skin. You may ease the sensation by placing a thin cloth between your skin and the Shakti Mat. You should of course back off and stop the treatment if you feel you are getting worse.


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