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What you can't see can hurt you.... Tons of harmful chemicals end up in the air, water, soil, food and materials we use and live in. Also, Electro-Magnetic Frequency Radiation (EMFR) low and high from power lines, cell phones, microwaves, appliances are proven harmful to human's especially in your space where you spend 1 to 2/3rds or more of your life. Over time toxic chemicals and bad EMF wear you down and accelerate aging. It's a battle for your immune system.

MHC has worked as an environmental scientist and consultant for 13 years delineating and remediating contaminated soil, water and air (indoor and outdoor) on military bases, ground-zero, large infra-structure, industrial, commercial, and private lands and buildings nationwide. Let me put my vast education and proven experience to work for you. I will come and visit your home, apartment, office and car and make sure you and your loved ones aren't being exposed to hidden chemicals, frequencies, bio-toxins, geo-[athic stress, and god knows what from the indoor/outdoor air, water and (under &) above ground.

MHC will visit your home or office space and thoroughly investigate the following common exposure types: Electro-Smog Screening conducted using real-time cellular and power lines frequency ranged scanner to detect harmful EMFs. Air and water purification techniques and technology consultation and set-up oversight. Indoor Air Quality - mold, asbestos, lead, radon, formaldehyde, VOCs, soil gas, chemical storage and odors.

$85 (plus gas) initial site visit investigation includes: visual survey, historical inquiry, and several recommendations with site-specific details.

MHC will work with you to get the healthiest and most cost effective solutions for your immediate and long term concerns and plans. In some cases, further investigation via recordable data may be warranted for some client's needs.

MHC is able to acquire any sampling equipment necessary to determine health impacts. MHC has performed expert testmony in court for indoor air quality cases in New York City Courts.

If air, water, soil or material sampling is required additional costs will be discussed before proceeding and results interpreted and compared to any froseen regulatory guidelines on prudent action plans.


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