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Longevity & Consciousness Consulting All the richest people in the world, when asked what they wanted most back from life, it was more time. Imagine another 50 years of middle-aged living. Imagine the possibilities. The most precous gift of all TIME! MHC and you will unwrap that gift together. The gift consists of plenty of fresh air, water, sunshine, positive thoughts, limited select foods, purifications, with a purpose. We will have you taking the high road in no time ;)

Longevity & Consciousness Consulting offered by MHC is not for the average Joe who believes in what they have been told from "authorities" about reality and life expectancy. Humans are meant to live on average of 130 years old. There now is enough scientific breakthroughs and common holistic knowledge to sustain life well beyond that. Don't let your pre-conditioned understanding of true human potential, wellness and longevity get in the way of universal truths occurring through you, at this moment! The universe is consciousness! 99.99 percent of an atom is space! Zero-point (aka: ether, vacuum, dark matter, orgone) energy is real everywhere!

Energy manifest in physical forms! Lack of energy manifests in disease and death. Your mind is the smartest super computer ever made and you don't even use 1/10 of all the programs. Remember what you already know but forget because of NWO programming and conditioning... Learn tips and insights from the people that have dedicated there life's work to unifying the realities into a new paradigm for humanity! Singularity!  

Research is showing we many be able to live longer on energy from the universe than on energy from food. We are evolving from chemical to electrical beings! Here are 3 prime examples of animals far exceeding lifes expectations... Overweight lab rats consistently don't live as long as calorie-restricted lab rats. Monkeys fed a calorie-restricted diet were significantly less likely to die from cancer, heart disease or diabetes than monkeys fed a standard lab diet, in a study conducted by researchers from Washington University and published in the journal Science. Researchers observed 76 adult rhesus monkeys. Beginning in 1912, Nobel Peace Prize winner Alexis Carrel kept chicken heart cells alive in a test tube for 34 years. It was an interesting experiment - especially because chickens generally only live 3 to 5 years. Get my drift! 

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You will receive Three 30 minute consultations and loads of material to absorb. Let MHC walk you through your transformation. Change your Life for the highest good imaginable...


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