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If (MHC) does not have what you are looking for then check out MHC shopping links with other life giving portals of health and wellness awaiting you and yours.  It's all about having an aware community with MHC approved next level solutions!  MHC and approved health partners can help more people feel better for a longer time also known as vitality and longevity.  Please browse our MHC approved list of vendors:

(1) - Shop HERE from over 14,000 varieties of potent pure herbs, tonics and essential oils in bulk and blends.  Master herbalist Truman Berst of 35 years experience will be sure to advise you of what plants can help you now...

(2) - Access the multitude of premiere home bulk health foods, kitchen supplies, beauty and great supplements from MHC approved More Than Alive.  Click HERE to shop now...

(3) - Check out world renown health expert Dr. David Jubb's website click HERE.  Dr.  Jubb has traveled the world living with various native tribes studying their plant medicines and has incorporated those medicinal blends in his digestive and restorative health formulas.

(4) - Get into the 21st century and upgrade your energy efficiency and environmental exposure with Magnetic Laundry Soap, Soni-Grow, Fire Barrier and Therm A Gaurd, & Insect-a Shield. Be Free Technology friends and shop HERE


Thank you for supporting MHC and his community!  God bless you and the best in health to you.  We are here to help lets us know how...




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