Digestive Aids

You cram thousands of tons of food in your life time through 28 feet of squiggly folded intestinal tubes and probably don't even chew it down to start. John Wayne passed on with 55 POUNDS, and Elvis the 35 lbs. of undigested fecal matter stuck in his colon!  How is your digestion, assimilation and excretion??? Death begins in the colon. A healthy person is only as healthy as his digestive tract. Get digestive help with MHC's enzymes and probiotics to break down food fully, so you burn bright and don't need naps after meals and run sluggish. MHC: Death begins in the colon, drain the swamp by pulling the cork.

DIGESTIVE Essential Oil Blend (15mL)

DIGESTIVE Essential Oil Blend (15mL)
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