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Nice overall 20 minute breakdown of MHC's approach toward wellness that can help you feel better for the long haul! 



MHC Live at Pure Living Expo Sedona 2015.  Electro-Boost, Kinesiology-Balance & PowerPoint presentation on your energetic optimization


Modern Health Coach Live at Atlantis, Sedona with his Ascension Fundamentals and Personal Alchemy Overview 50 slide 100 picture power point presentation with bomb dropping FACTS to get you feeling great for a long time.

Modern Health Coach 4 Year Anniversary Party - Part 1

Modern Health Coach 4 Year Anniversary Party - Part 2

MHC's Triple Detox "Power Tool" Technology Live Demo

MHC's Daily Self Balancing Routine. 11 Kinesiology Procedures takes 11 minutes to do!  Best energetic exercise routine.


Learn the fastest way to rest your metabolism and digestion. JUICE FEAST! Learn how...

Muscle Test Live Demo of MHC's Power Pendant

Random Testimonial of MHC's Power Pendant



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